What are the white spots on the nails?

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 May 2016

The main function of the nail - the protection of tissue on the fingers and toes.Therefore it is important to have healthy nails.Unfortunately, from time to time there are nail disease.Is no exception appearance of white spots on the nails.

General characteristic white spots on the nails

Pathology nail, expressed the appearance of white dots is called Leukonychia.There are the following types of the disease:

  • limited partial defeat of the nail plate;
  • strip form with presence of white stripes on the nails;
  • total Leukonychia that affects the entire nail plate;
  • point with the appearance of white spots.

diseases affect people of any age and gender.

reasons for the appearance of white spots on the nails

structure of the nail plate

nail is a horny formation of lamellar structure.The nail plate is formed by dividing onihoblastov - cell matrix (main, vibrant area of ​​the growth plate of the nail).The newborn cells synthesize a hard keratin, which is the accumulation and transformation into a

full-fledged agent, the cell is almost 100% will consist of keratin.

condition of the nail plate is completely dependent on the state of the matrix.From its normal functioning depends on the growth of the thickness of the nail and the nail plate.Despite the fact that the device is a nail constantly updated structure capable of recovering independently, matrix damage can lead to changes in the nail machine, which is harder to recover.

From what appear white spots on the nails?

matrix Cells respond to any changes, both external and internal - temperature changes, vibration, blood circulation.It is believed that the occurrence of white spots on the nail plate due to the presence of the nail between the layers of microscopic air bubbles.As a result of various causes keratinization process is disturbed, then there is no full cycle of maturation nail cells.

The main reasons for violation of keratinization, leading to the formation of white spots on the nail, include:

  • mechanical and chemical effects on the nail plate;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • liver disease, colon, stomach;
  • intoxication;
  • infection;
  • unprofessional execution manicure, resulting in damage to the nail plate;
  • nervous stress, depression;
  • fungal infection of the nail plate;
  • lack of vitamins in the body, specifically the groups A and E, as well as macro- and microelements.

Thus, the appearance of white spots on the nails means that there are reasons that led to the disruption of keratinization nail plates.With a view to ascertaining the causes of the data necessary to make a diagnosis.Depending on your reasons Leukonychia measures will be taken to restore the condition of the nail plate.

should know that for a complete change of the nail plate is required from 3 to 4 months.Therefore, the result of the recovery will be noticeable only after a given period of time.