Roasted peanuts: the benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 May 2016

The benefits of nuts, no doubt.Peanut - one of the most common types of nuts in the world, including in Russia.Undoubtedly, fresh raw peanut kernels are extremely useful.They contain fiber, and special enzymes that promote digestion of this rather heavy meal.However, roasted peanuts has a pleasant taste and are much more likely to eat.

Use roasted peanuts

Naturally, during the heat treatment lost many of the properties of fresh walnut, but there is a good side to frying.When heated in peanuts produced unique substance - polyphenol.Contained in the nuts, and it is in its raw form, but only when the heat treatment it is even more.Thanks polyphenol peanuts is an excellent antioxidant, thus frying its properties as an antioxidant only increase.Roasted peanuts - one of the leading sources of antioxidants.According to their content processed nuts can be compared with raspberry, blackberry, pomegranate.

Roasting peanuts is indispensable for long-term storage, because after the heat treatment of the fungus

mold is no longer dwell in the nuts.Moldy peanuts are very toxic, it should be remembered.In addition, roasting does not affect the amino acid content.

Another useful ingredient - a vitamin E, vitamin youth.It is found in peanuts in a large amount, and when the roasting its concentration in the nut increases.This is due to the fact that on the surface of the nut forms a kind of film that protects the nutrients from being destroyed.

peanut kernels have a thin peel, peel.It can cause severe allergic reactions.With raw nuts husk clear not so simple, but it flies away from fried itself.

in favor of roasting kernels of this nut is the fact that the palatability of roasted peanuts is much better.It is unlikely that you will be able to eat a lot of raw peanuts, despite its rather pleasant taste and firm texture.But roasted nuts have a pleasant spicy taste.

What harm does the body roasted peanuts?

Peanuts - a very high-calorie product.Handful of peanuts on caloric may reach one-fifth of your daily diet.Naturally, roasting nuts caloric and nutritional value only increases.Consequently, the use of roasted peanuts in large quantities can cause obesity and metabolic disorders.

roasted peanuts is extremely harmful for people with diseases of the intestines and stomach, as it irritates the already affected areas.It is also worth noting that the peanut fry in vegetable oil is recommended that, when heated, becomes a carcinogen that also does not benefit the body.

If you bought roasted peanuts in a shop, it may contain additives: salt, sugar, chocolate and others.In this case, the nut is harmful.When roasting peanuts even at home often added salt, breading, seasoning.All this makes the minimum use of walnut and even harmful to the body.

Roasted peanuts: harm or benefit?

can not give a definite answer to this question.If you eat properly cooked foods in small amounts, then we can talk about the benefits of roasted peanuts.It is best to cook it yourself.Buy in-store fresh peanuts, fry it with a small amount of vegetable oil and cool.This way of cooking preserves nutrients, in this case, roasted peanuts bring only benefit.