How quickly bring a black eye?

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 May 2016

black eye adorns one, because really want to get rid of such "decorations" and return his face back to normal.For one day fully cope with this problem, of course, will not work, but try to make it less noticeable it is possible.The bruise will change color from bright purple to yellow, and then disappear altogether.Thanks to some folk remedies and pharmaceutical drugs can accelerate the healing period.

How quickly bring a bruise?

  1. first thing after the injury as soon as possible to attach to blood vessel damage something cold.The best option - it is ice.Suitable and any other cold thing - a bottle of water or soaked in cold water cloth.Applying cold reduces blood flow due to vasoconstriction.Keep the cold at the site of injury requires 15-25 minutes, depending on the size and strength of a bruise contusion.After that you can use to lead water process it should bruise during the first eight hours.
  2. One of the most well-known folk remedies - a fresh-water sponge.The powder helps the bruise to go as fas
    t as possible.Usually bred a couple of tablespoons of the powder in a tablespoon of water and the mixture is applied to a bruise.To conduct this procedure should be very careful, otherwise you can earn mucosal damage and inflammation of the eyes.After the mixture dries, it should be washed off with warm waters.This procedure must be done twice a day.
  3. Good help in the fight against bruises cabbage juice.It should be well discourage cabbage leaf on both sides appeared to juice.Then attach it to the bruise.Best of all it means will help, if applied to the bruise cabbage leaf in the near future after the impact.
  4. can recommend to make a vodka on the rocks.For this first mixed in equal proportions vodka and ordinary water, then this mixture was placed in the freezer in tins of ice.It is best to take the mold, where the ice is obtained in the form of cubes.Ice cubes will have to wipe the black eye.
  5. Another folk remedy recommends ointment from honey and vegetable oil.To do this, mix one tablespoon of honey and vegetable oil, to them add a little flour and egg yolk.Mix and smear bruise.Keep this mixture about a day.
  6. Besides folk remedies have proven and pharmacy.First of all, it is worth mentioning the ointment "Troxevasin."It helps to reduce swelling.The ointment should be applied to the injury twice a day.
  7. can help reduce bruising and tools that contain heparin, rutin and vitamin R. It is about ointments such as heparin and "Ascorutin."Thanks to them, bruise dissipates quickly.Bruised smear is recommended every two to three hours.
  8. After eye swelling will take place, you can start treatment with warm compresses.For these purposes recommend applying pouches heated salt or boiled egg wrapped in fabric.Due to the heat in the cells will speed up the metabolism, and the bruise will dissolve faster.