Borjomi pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 May 2016

Borjomi - is alkaline mineral water with special healing properties.Its structure allows the water in the treatment of various diseases such as pancreatitis.However, the drink "Borjomi" is constantly in the water as usual dining room doctors do not recommend, since it has a strong impact on the internal organs.

Borjomi in acute pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the pancreas.In the acute form of his patient is prescribed a complete rejection of food for a while.At this time, many doctors recommend drinking certain liquids in small quantities.The list of these fluids include mineral water and an alkaline medium, to which is "Borjomi".This water has a positive effect on the pancreas, helping to cope with pancreatitis:

  • eliminates spasms and reduces pain;
  • slows gastric juice and pancreatic secretions than facilitates the patient's condition;
  • helps normalize the outflow of bile;
  • has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • stimulates tissue repair of the pancreas;
  • prepares the digestive organs to receive and digest food suitable.

Before you use the "Borjomi" from a bottle, it is necessary to heat the water to room temperature.Otherwise, the pain may worsen and could begin indigestion.It is also worth remembering that in acute pancreatitis, use only degassed water.

Borjomi in chronic pancreatitis

during exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis water "Borjomi" should be used with extreme caution, and it is better to completely abandon it at this time.This water is more suitable for remission.

If the functioning of the pancreas is not broken, then the "Borjomi" can drink about 1-2 hours before meals.With its use of reduced allocation of pancreatic juice and decreases its concentration.To begin receiving water should be approximately 50 ml.In the absence of further deterioration and calming inflammation is brought to a one-time amount of a glass, the number of receptions of "Borjomi" is increased to three times a day.

In the case where the pancreas is reduced, and it is a deficiency of enzymes, water "Borjomi" drink half an hour before meals.When developing against the background of chronic pancreatitis diabetes increases the water excretion of insulin.

Useful properties and composition Borjomi

This water contains a large number of different minerals, they are about 60. These include boron, calcium, sulfur, titanium, sodium, magnesium, strontium, aluminum, chlorine, calcium, fluoride, and others.

Due to such a complex structure in the use of water "Borjomi" has a complex effect on the entire body.It has a positive effect on the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular and other systems.Apply this water not only for the treatment of pancreatitis and gastritis, metabolic disorders, ulcers, reducing the activity of the kidneys, kidney stones and other pathologies.