High cholesterol in the blood: the symptoms and causes

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28 May 2016

with the word "cholesterol" familiar to many.In particular, it is associated with so-called "bad" food, the use of which increases with the cholesterol in the blood, leading to various diseases.To know how to avoid it, you should get acquainted with the reasons, causes an increase in blood cholesterol and symptoms.

Feature cholesterol

Under cholesterol (cholesterol) means a natural organic compound consisting of unsaturated fatty alcohol class of steroids.The substance contained in virtually all living organisms.Cholesterol is insoluble in water, but only in organic solvents and fats.Cholesterol in the blood is in the form of lipoproteins - complexes.

large share of cholesterol (80%) is produced by the body.It is produced:

  • kidneys;
  • liver;
  • intestine;
  • gonads;
  • adrenal glands.

The rest of the cholesterol enters the body with food intake.

role of cholesterol in the body

Cholesterol present in the body, both in the free form (80%) and bound (20%).He is involved in the following processes:

  • in the production of vitamin D;
  • production in biosynthesis of corticosteroids and steroid hormones - aldosterone, cortisol, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone;
  • serves as a base in the formation of bile acids;
  • protects red blood cells from the effects of hemolytic poisons.

reasons for high cholesterol

Norma blood cholesterol is 150-200 mg%.With increased its content occurs fatty liver, excessive formation of bile and formation of gallstones.On the walls of blood vessels with deposits of cholesterol developed atherosclerotic plaques and atherosclerosis occurs.

wrong to assume that the primary cause of high cholesterol is eating foods with a high content of it - of animal fats, canned foods, sausages, eggs, hard cheese.It turns out that cholesterol is a risk, which is in the oxidized form, contained in the product, heat treated.Non-oxidized form of cholesterol can become dangerous if insufficient intake of antioxidants in the body.

is believed that the main causes of high cholesterol are smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol.The problem may cause some diseases that contribute to disorders in the body, leading to over-production of a fatty alcohol.Such diseases include:

  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • hepatitis;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • renal disease;
  • growth hormone deficiency.

Also identified the causes elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood can be observed in pregnant women, obesity, after taking certain medications (diuretics, hormonal methods, oral contraceptives, beta-blockers).

At risk are older people - from 50 years and above.When sedentary lifestyle this disease affects people relatively young age - 35 years old, especially men.The important role played by hereditary factor.

symptoms improve cholesterol

Elevated cholesterol levels in the blood for a long time nothing can be shown and the first signs of this can be a problem in the cardiovascular system of the person.Elevated cholesterol leads to atherosclerosis, external features of which may occur only under restriction of the vessel lumen to 75%.

The earliest manifestation of elevated cholesterol levels in the blood is considered to be the presence of xanthomas on the eyelids - yellowish deposits.By the late manifestations of the disease, depending on whether any of the vessels struck, include dizziness, memory impairment, poor orientation in space, coldness of extremities.