Chicory root: the benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 May 2016

Today is not difficult to buy in any store, as a drink, "chicory", and the very root of the chicory.Whether fashionable it has been used in cooking, or like a product people, but add it wherever you can almost everything and only a few "fans chicory root" before attempting to use it in food, interested in how the product is usefulin fact, and which may cause harm to the body of his careless, improper use.

Today we look at all aspects, stipulating how the chicory can be useful, and one in particular is likely to harm, and in which cases.In particular this applies to people who have big health problems, as well as children.

Good quality chicory

first thing you hear about the useful properties of chicory - it's something that he in any kind of uplifting, improving the condition of the body as a whole vzbadrivaya and promoting it, it's really true.There is such an effect is primarily due to the large amount of vitamins, and, of course, minerals.Chicory includes proteins, salts, tannins, pectin, and fat

s.All this when the body helps improve cardiac function, improve the condition of vessels, eliminates partially goiter.Hence, a surge of strength, vigor.

preparing chicory on the basis of various drugs can clear the blood of excess cholesterol and even completely cure the anemia.Lowering blood sugar, chicory has become the first product for diabetics and those who want to lose weight quickly and safely.Providing a positive impact, chicory normalizes bowel function, calming him and removing inflammation.Namely chicory long been used in the treatment of helminths and some eye diseases.

As you can see, the dishes prepared with the addition of chicory root can affect the body, like a magic potion.However, it should be noted that the influence of the properties of chicory is relatively small, so if you are too poor condition to ensure the effectiveness of the product, it should be used regularly and admitted dosages.

Kids chicory root can be given as a drink since 3 years and chicory will not affect negatively, even during pregnancy, of course, if you do not have a place to be individual intolerance of the product, which is also quite possible!

harm chicory root

Approaching the question of harm drinking chicory roots, it must be said that any product can be harmful if it is to use non-normalized.A particularly negative impact on the use of chicory those people who have serious mental illness.

If you have hemorrhoids, chronic constipation, chicory is also better not to use in any way.If a person has gastritis after drinking chicory roots may experience pain.Chicory also desirable to include in food for those who suffer from varicose veins, after the state of the vessels may vary sharply.As for children, they are extremely forbidden to chicory root to 3 years of age and those children who have been obese.

Knowing about the healing properties of chicory, it is best to refer to this herb as a remedy to be normal and a doctor's permission.Therefore, before use be sure to talk with your doctor.If this is not possible, then try chicory initially as a soluble drink about half a glass and observe its condition.Realizing that you chicory does not benefit immediately discontinue its use!