What happens if you tear off the birthmark?

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 May 2016

Moles have on the body of each person, regardless of skin color and heredity, and many people believe these cute education even decoration of the body, a sort of spicy twist.Only here the official medicine disagrees.This peculiarity can be quite safe in most cases, but, nevertheless, the risk is present.

What is a mole?

In fact, a mole - a cluster of skin cells, and melanin in terms of medicine is a tumor that may be either benign or malignant.While the mole does not change its color and shape, and does not cause itching and redness of the skin do not worry, but at the first sign stands guard and consult a doctor, especially if the mole has been damaged.

What can be done if a mole tear?

In most cases, the mole is benign, and if it is damaged enough to prevent infection in the wound until it is completely healed.However, if the wound does not heal, the skin around the mole stripped appeared inflamed or festering, medical intervention is necessary.

Dermatologist will conduct a number of studies will

establish the cause of tumors, as well as to decide on further treatment.If a birthmark is a benign, the removal of the inflammatory process will be sufficient, if the mole was a malignant tumor, it threatens to cancer - melanoma.

This type of cancer is quite dangerous due to the fact that melanoma is progressing rapidly, but when it detects cancer cells in moles can achieve full cure in the early stages.Do not think that all the moles can turn into cancer, it affects only 0.2% of people in the world, but, nevertheless, about the risk should not be forgotten.

What if the mole is torn off?

The first thing to do if a mole, though, has been damaged - it is not to forget about the likelihood of infection in the wound, which can cause no less harm than the cancer.To start you need to wet the wound with a sterile bandage, then treated with peroxide and seal the plaster, to prevent contamination.

Samu birthmark it is advisable not to throw out, and bring them to the hospital and to analyze, identify whether it is benign or not, because it is clear that it is best to prevent the disease and do not bring to the complications that can be fatal.

Also pay attention to the nature of the damage moles, stripped it completely or part of it, though, and remained in contact with an open wound.In this case, too, there is the risk of melanoma cells since even benign tumors can get into the blood through the wound and spread throughout the body.

No way a mole can not delete your own, even if it is located in an inconvenient place, for example, around the neck or in the armpit.Remove birthmark is possible only on a doctor's recommendation and under the close supervision with a scalpel or a laser.

Remember mole can be completely harmless and does not cause any discomfort throughout life, but that the risk should not be forgotten.