Borjomi gastritis

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28 May 2016

If you suspect or chronic gastritis gastroenterologist necessarily assigns the use of mineral water.Thus experts strongly determines the course of the reception - the time, the amount and even brand.All this is not just.Mineral waters enrich the body with nutrients and beneficial to the digestive tract, liver, and the whole excretory system.

advantages of water "Borjomi" gastritis

One of the most popular water is considered "Borjomi".It affects peristalsis, reduces the acidity affects the gastrointestinal tonus.With mineral water can reduce inflammation, which is an essential factor in the treatment of gastric mucosa, but its misuse can lead to serious consequences.

When "Borjomi" is recommended to use?

Gastritis is a low and high acidity."Borjomi" recommend the second option.Since water is only sold carbonated gases needed to produce the day of use.

If gastritis is treated the child, water is appointed in a proportion of 3-5 ml per 1 kg of body weight of the child in 24 hours.The water yield for

1,5-2 hours before eating a meal.The amount depends on the complexity of the disease.

That water did not act as an irritant to the gastric mucosa, it is left open beforehand for several hours in a warm place, to release gases."Borjomi" is used 3 times a day 1 cup hot and fast food in front of 1.5-2 hours.This approach weaker acidity in the stomach, the water during this time goes into the duodenum, and will reduce the secretion of the gastrointestinal tract.Increased water temperature removes spasms, pain, and not excite secretion.

course of treatment the water is 1-2 months.Depending on the complexity of the disease can be repeated 2-4 times a year.Be sure to receive between courses need to take breaks.Mineral water is addictive, which can affect the dosage.

Contra-use "Borjomi" gastritis

«Borjomi" in any case can not be used at a low pH.Also mineral waters are not suitable for everyday use as a normal water.Doctor appointments exceed the dosage is not necessary.It is best to buy water in glass bottles, because it loses less of its properties.If

happened exacerbation, water use must be stopped.Also in the course of treatment should take breaks periodically.The optimal rate of admission - 6 weeks.

Gastritis - a dangerous disease that can not tolerate self-treatment.If you have suspicions of this disease, or have already faced him, in any case, do not start receiving "Borjomi" on their own.Only a specialist can tell how much water a day is optimal for you, what should be the temperature.Moreover, only a gastroenterologist will determine what you have gastritis - with high or low acidity.Gastritis with low acidity "Borjomi" you not only will not help, but harm.