Tincture on cedar nuts on alcohol

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 May 2016

Cedar - the natural wealth of the distant Siberia, because it contains many useful and valuable trace elements and vitamins.That is why this raw material is prepared various kinds of liqueurs, which are used to combat a variety of diseases.Also tincture of cedar are used extensively in the food industry.

Not everyone knows that the cedar contains virtually the entire range of necessary for human life vitamins and minerals.For example, it contains iodine, zinc, manganese, and in contrast to many other types of infusions in the cedar may persist for a long period of time without decomposing or losing its beneficial properties.

Regular use of tincture of cedar helps to strengthen the immune system.Furthermore, it is an excellent preventive agent, it also helps in efficiently various viral diseases.

addition tincture of cedar helps with rheumatism and gout.It is scientifically proven that it significantly improves the general condition of the patient, reduces pain, relieves inflammation.However, to achi

eve maximum results have to be taken regularly.

tincture on cedar on alcohol used in various ways.Its use and inwardly, and used for irrigation and as a raw material for applications.

Typically, tincture of cedar cook or alcohol-based, or based on vodka.In most cases an alcohol.Prepare a tincture of alcohol is quite simple.

  1. couple of glasses of cedar nuts, which have not been cleaned, should be thoroughly washed and then dried.
  2. thus prepared raw material is necessary to shift the glass opaque container.
  3. Then cedar poured a liter of alcohol and is moved in a dark place exactly two weeks.After a specified time, the tincture will be ready, and it can be used.

Despite all the benefits of cedar tincture, it has a number of contraindications.Above all, these include:

  • idiosyncrasy;
  • allergic to components of the active components and cedar;
  • alcohol intolerance;
  • serious ailments of the liver;
  • incompatibility with other drugs that a patient takes.

In all other cases, alcohol tincture on cedar can be taken without fear.However, in case of doubt about the safety of its reception it is recommended to consult a qualified physician.