Tincture on pine nuts on vodka

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 May 2016

tincture on cedar nuts - a very useful drink, which has long been used to treat a huge number of diseases.This unique potion will help get rid of colds, lung ailments, joint problems, gynecological diseases, and even become a great tool in the fight with cancer.For information on how to prepare a tincture of pine nuts on vodka, today we'll talk.

It is worth noting that there are many recipes cedar tinctures.For example, some doctors use only the kernel or crushed shells of pine nuts, while others, the majority of them, take the whole nuts.We are with you, too, for our tincture will use whole nuts.They must be properly prepared - washed, and then repeatedly rinse with boiling water and dry, laid out on a paper towel.This careful preparation is necessary to remove from the surface of nuts cedar resin capable of giving the finished tincture unpleasant bitterness.

now put the pine nuts in a bulk container that you can close the lid (it is best to take a glass bottle or jar) and fill them with vodka.As fo

r proportions, the usually-ounce cup of nuts taken 1.5 liters of vodka (it is important that it is of good quality).Send drenched with vodka nuts in the dark and cool place, but not in the refrigerator.Here, the capacity should stand at least a month.All the while, every day should be carefully shake the contents of the bottle, but it is forbidden to remove the lid.

We reviewed the classic recipe of tincture of cedar.If we talk about the modern variations of the drink, many housewives wanting to somewhat improve its taste and aroma, began to use in a recipe such additional components, such as sugar, honey, cinnamon, mint and other herbs and even vanilla.

If we turn to the ancient recipe cooking infusions of pine nuts on vodka, it is worth noting that while in principle be used as a container half-liter containers made of dark material.

surprising that such a tincture has no time restrictions on the expiry date.According to its color and taste reminiscent of a cedar drink cognac and has oak finish.It should be noted that self-applied tincture of cedar without obtaining the consent of a doctor, it is not recommended!