Japonica: useful properties

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 May 2016

with quince Japanese people are familiar already 4000 years.Many countries have long grown this plant is for decorative purposes only, completely forgetting that japonica has a unique structure, thanks to which the plant is considered to be useful!

In antiquity can be found mention of Japanese quince as a golden apple, which is considered to be nothing more than a symbol of marriage, fertility and, of course, passionate love, because it is the fruit according to legend Aphrodite gave Paris.Japanese quince was made to bake with honey, after removing from the fruit core.

As part of the quince fruit?

fruits of quince and I must say that remains after processing, the content of many different nutrients that, in principle, does a Japanese quince useful.Contained in a large number of quince pectins, thanks to which the body is accelerated withdrawal of heavy metal.Vitamin C, fructose, organic acids, tannins, and more, making the plant significant for modern pharmacology, and even industry.

How to use the fruits of Japanese quince?

Despite the fact that the taste qualities of Japanese quince are somewhat similar to a sour lemon, raw, eat this fruit will not work unless it is almost overripe.Therefore, it decided to bake in the oven to cook quince based soft drinks, jam and all sorts of jams with the addition of other fruits and honey.

It is from the fruit of Japanese quince make different sauces and pastes, which are a wonderful combination of meat products and other exotic dishes based on meat.Japanese quince fruits are often dried and used already for cooking in this form.

Useful properties of quince Japanese for the human body

  • quince fruits are widely used in folk medicine, based on them prepare a variety of drugs that can prevent the occurrence of tuberculosis, and in long-term and proper use even cure the disease at an early stage of its development.
  • Properties of Japanese quince helps to normalize the pressure, so fresh candied fruits of this fruit is recommended to have hypertension.
  • In the elderly jam, brewed from the fruit of quince, if you do not help at all to get rid of multiple sclerosis, it is significantly brighten, lighten the disease.
  • found their value quince and anemia.In this disease the fruits of quince are useful in any form.If
  • cook quince fruit-based broth and attach it to the eyelids, gauze moistened with broth, you can heal the sick eyes.
  • In cosmetology quince Japanese is used as a tool that allows you to soften, rejuvenate the skin, so based on it created a lot of appropriate drugs.
  • Those who are constantly in your diet includes dishes prepared using the fruit quince Japanese, does not suffer from colds and have highly developed immune system.Most viral diseases, infectious and chronic nature of these people are not afraid.
  • Quince jam jams and helps to normalize bowel function, reduce inflammation and pain in the body.
  • drinks prepared on the basis of a quince, a diuretic.
  • Japanese quince also be included in the diet of cores, anemia and other chronic diseases acquired throughout life.

As you can see, the positive properties of Japanese quince can transfer indefinitely, and use the plant as a tonic drug from almost all ailments!