Chicory liquid: useful properties

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 May 2016

In modern times, many people have been paying great attention to the quality of consumed food and this is not surprising, because a correct and balanced diet is the best prevention of various diseases.For example, it is known about the dangers of coffee, but what about those people who can not imagine breakfast without this refreshing and fragrant drink?It's very simple - you can replace it with a coffee drink, which acts as the main component of liquid chicory.Let's take a closer look at the impact the product has on the human body, what are its beneficial properties?

What is the use of liquid chicory?

Unlike coffee drink coffee will only benefit a person.This is due to the fact that the use of liquid chicory has a beneficial effect on the work of all organs.

  • Liquid chicory promotes restoration of liver cells and protects it from the negative impact of various harmful microorganisms.With regular inclusion in the diet of this product is provided by the output of toxic substances.
  • Liquid chicory and helpful for the digestive system.More than half of its composition, it consists of a prebiotic insulin - a component that supports the flora at the optimal level, promotes the best absorption of calcium, helps to avoid constipation.
  • Liquid chicory is an excellent means of prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis and tachycardia.
  • Due to the increased concentration of vitamins in liquid chicory is useful for the nervous system, as it has a calming effect, improves the mood and does not reduce the vigor of a man.
  • Liquid chicory reduces the concentration of sugar in the blood, has a beneficial effect on the body occurring in the metabolic processes, has the ability to launch stones from the gallbladder and helps lead to the desired body mass index.
  • Chicory, possessing anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect, helps in the treatment of boils and dermatitis.In addition, it can be used to bring down fever.
  • Liquid chicory used for the treatment and prevention of diseases such as intestinal infections, diabetes, anemia, bronchitis, osteochondrosis, disease, goiter, coronary heart disease, asthma.

Features of the beverage on the basis of liquid chicory

prepare coffee drink liquid chicory is very simple.One need only put in the cup the desired amount of liquid chicory (usually 200 ml of fluid is taken 0.5 hours. L.), Fill it with boiling water and stir carefully.This drink will taste quite bitter, but its medicinal qualities will be on top!In order to remove bitterness, you can add a cup of sugar or honey.

The most popular liquid chicory milk.To make it necessary to boil the milk (200 ml) and, without removing it from heat, dissolved therein liquid chicory (1/2 h. P.), Then turn off the heat and add the honey (2 h. P.).