Why drop the eyebrows of women?

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 May 2016

woman's face, or rather its unique features and emphasize the beauty of the eyebrows.Realizing this today, we learn to change the shape of eyebrows, making them thinner and sexier, selecting for each person a unique style!

Most women eyebrow tint, pluck, generally modeled as may bend.Those with enough money using the services of specialists and allow you to apply on their brows a variety of modern technology to make them better and more attractive.Not withstanding the load, sometimes the eyebrows begin to fall, and eventually this process becomes permanent.

eliminate this phenomenon can only be the case if you understand why this is happening and fix it.Independently understand why there is a loss of eyebrows difficult, so we will try all the most common reasons for a detailed description.

When sorting through all the options, you realize that to understand and correct the cause of hair loss alone you could not, then you need to see a doctor trihologu, it will help.However, you have to go through ce

rtain research tests.

Causes Loss of eyebrows in women

  • Frequent hair loss can be seen in women whose eyebrows are too thick.This is normal and natural phenomenon, some hairs are replaced by other, that's all.
  • Nervous breakdowns may cause periodic stress to depression, followed by a mental illness, perhaps, their character is so light that the woman does not even notice them.However, the body does not deceive and calm during the eyebrows begin to itch, itch soon replaced by hair loss.
  • When women begin hormonal changes in the Fund (pregnancy, menopause, occurrence of diseases of endocrine nature), can be seen hair loss.
  • presence of infection in the body can cause death of the roots and eyebrows begin to fall, this also leads to the violation of blood circulation.
  • presence of beriberi may lead to baldness eyebrows.
  • Many chronic diseases, and hereditary diseases at different stages of your life can lead to a change in the structure of eyebrow hair, as well as die and fall.
  • Eyebrows simply not stand the load, and you burned them.

Analyze your situation and think about all the changes in your life recently.If you think that anything like this happened to you, then, it will be enough to do the mask and let it be.

restoring mask for eyebrow

  1. Take 30 ml of fresh carrot juice, add vitamin E was applied a compress for 20 minutes a day, rubbing it into the roots of the eyebrows.
  2. Take a ripe banana, rubbing it with a blender to a pulp and applied it to the eyebrows.It is enough to apply a mask once a day for half an hour.
  3. Take a piece of paper, mash it and putting on a saucer, burn.After combustion bowl will ginger oil, rubbing it into the roots of the eyebrows.

parallel with the masks can be rubbed into the hair roots eucalyptus oil, guzzle a complex of vitamins and eat right!