Hellebore water lice

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 May 2016

lice - a very troublesome problem, which delivers not only psychological discomfort, but also causes severe itching and skin irritation.There are various treatments for head lice.One effective and proven means of combating this disease is hellebore water lice.Let's see what are the features of this application means any precautions necessary to comply with the.

Benefits hellebore water

undeniable advantage of this drug is that it not only does not have a detrimental effect on the structure of curls, but on the contrary, makes them shiny and silky.Perhaps the property and make a hellebore water demand, but do not lose sight of the fact that this facility is a strong poison.

Basic properties of water

hellebore hellebore water has antiparasitic, antibacterial and analgesic effects.Thanks to these features, the drug can effectively kill lice.For external use funds provided strictly follow the instructions, it is not absorbed into the skin, and therefore has no negative impact.As for the toxic effect,

it is possible only in case of a strong rubbing hellebore water in the skin, or the application of funds in skin irritation.

Features of

Before you start using hellebore water is necessary to thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo.The bottle with the tool before opening should be carefully shake.It is important to protect yourself from getting the drug on the mucous membranes of eyes and mouth, because otherwise you can cause intoxication.On hand it is recommended to wear rubber gloves, as well as allergies need to be concerned about the protection of the respiratory organs, which wear an appropriate mask.

Apply hellebore water on the head must be a piece of sponge.Processed undergoes both skin and hair piece (the length of 2-3 cm from the roots).It should be remembered that the favorite place for the localization of lice is head and temporal regions, and therefore these areas should be given special attention.After processing the entire head hellebore water, it is necessary to wrap a warm towel or handkerchief, and stay in this state for half an hour.During this time, all parasites are killed by the action of members of the means of toxic components.

can only wash his head, carefully combing the hair with the comb with frequent teeth, thereby eliminating them from the dead lice.If necessary, repeat this procedure, but not earlier than one day.Lice comb must be washed with boiling water.

But what about the nits?

It is worth noting that the hellebore water is detrimental affects only the lice, but the larvae of these parasites - the so-called nits this tool does not deliver.That is why to effectively combat head lice need for repeated treatment of hair after 10 days from the first use of hellebore water.During this time, as a rule, nit just the same, and have time to develop into lice.

hellebore water according to the instructions for use of the drug can be used to control lice in children except children who have not attained the age of two.At the same time parents need to pay special attention to the safety of his child in order to prevent the occurrence of symptoms of intoxication of the body a little.It should be remembered that the ingress of 1 ml of healing, but at the same time, the poisonous liquid into the human body can cause a weakened poisoning.