Chicory decreases or increases the pressure?

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 May 2016

Infusion of chicory or concentrated extract from its roots resemble the taste of coffee.It is this similarity can be misleading: many people think that the chicory contains caffeine and increases the pressure as well as coffee.In fact, this view is erroneous, and the similarity of these drinks only in the fact that they both maintain the tone and provide invigorating effect.

In contrast, organic coffee chicory drink lowers blood pressure.As part of the sale in shops liquid concentrate does not include chemical additives, it is the most appropriate way to deal with hypertension at its initial stages.If the pressure is raised just a few units, it stabilizes the chicory, but if it too has risen, it is necessary to use more serious drugs.After normalization of blood pressure chicory can be used prophylactically to prevent sudden pressure surges.

Drink it can be instead of tea, adding a teaspoon of concentrate per cup of boiling water.You can also brew dried chicory roots collected after flowering.When th

e leaves and flowers of the plants wither, the roots accumulated the highest number of nutrients, and at this time they can dig, wash and dry.The crushed roots are kept in a closed glass container and steamed as a tea.

daily monitoring blood pressure, can be seen as chicory drink it gradually normalizes.It should continue to take the chicory, even if the pressure returned to normal, but it does not stop to control it.We need to stop drinking chicory, when you feel that the pressure was lowered below normal, but it should be noted that in practice, this happens rarely.

As with any drug, from chicory has its contraindications.People suffering from any form of varicose veins (varicocele is, thrombophlebitis, hemorrhoids, etc.), should be careful when using it.Sporadic use of chicory not cause complications, but the constant use can provoke an aggravation of disease.

also should not be abused chicory people with duodenal ulcers and stomach, as well as gastritis, accompanied by high acidity.This is due to the property of chicory increase gastric acid secretion.

And the main contraindication - chicory is not recommended for people who are prone to low blood pressure.Such patients recommended natural coffee drink, which, on the contrary, increases the pressure.