Chicory milk: benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 May 2016

If you're used to drink a cup of morning coffee invigorating, but the problems with pressure not to let you enjoy a drink, use the alternative.Chicory is a bit like the taste of coffee, especially if you add a hot drink milk.To be sure, it will not hurt you, learn about the offer and not very useful properties of chicory with milk.

Use chicory milk

itself chicory has many useful properties.For example, it is used for stabilization of arterial pressure, strengthening blood vessels, maintaining the immune system, and improving digestion.Milk added to the drink, does not reduce the therapeutic effect of plants on the contrary, it makes the taste of chicory is softer and more pleasant.

On the other hand, chicory promotes better assimilation by the body milk.Therefore, older people who have digestive system has to cope with the bad digestion of whole milk, it is recommended to use it with components facilitate its assimilation.Chicory is precisely such an auxiliary component, because it contains inulin,

the recovery of the microflora in the gut.

People who have trouble sleeping at night is recommended to drink a glass of warm milk to fall asleep faster and sleep was stronger.Added to the milk chicory helps the nervous system to relax, relieve muscle tension and stress at the end of the day.

Amino acids and vitamins contained in milk and chicory, beneficial effect on the skin, so the systematic use of the drink improves the appearance of the face.The skin becomes smooth and soft, velvety buying.

How to prepare Chicory with milk?

There are two ways of how to prepare chicory drink milk.It is possible in an enamel container to pour the milk, add the rate for each cup of liquid a teaspoon of powder chicory and bring to a boil.After boiling milk infused for about 5 minutes, then filtered and ready to drink.

second method: brew shredded plant roots as brewed tea (in a glass of boiling water add a teaspoon of powder or crushed chicory root), and add to taste boiled milk.Optionally, you can add sugar or substitute.

harm chicory milk

Caution should be people who have milk enzymes cause allergic reactions.Knowing the characteristics of the organism, such people do not drink milk, so they can make the drink without adding.Also note that the chicory lowers blood pressure, so gipotonikam use is not recommended.Of course, if the drinking cup chicory milk once a week, no harm not only recommended daily intake of the beverage.

As can be seen, the combination of milk with chicory not harmful.Caution should be observed only in the case where any of these components may cause harm, regardless of whether it is used as an independent product or together with additives.