Why lashes fall out in women?

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 May 2016

long lush lashes for a woman mean a lot, and most of us would like to have such a luxury.Therefore, if the eyelashes begin to fall, it is immediately noticeable, and measures for their rehabilitation.But in order to know how to bring this beauty, you must correctly identify the cause of their loss.


reason for loss of eyelashes can become decorative cosmetics for the eyes.Inflicting morning mascara on the eyelashes and eye shadow, women are subjected to the action of the active elements contained in cosmetics.Lasts such impacts at least 12 hours a day, and sometimes more.If the weather is hot, mixed with cosmetics sweat and dust, turning it into the mud, and even more aggravating position.

If you are used to paint, do it correctly, paying more attention to the hygiene of the eye.To reduce the inhibitory effect of cosmetics, you should remove it before going to bed is not, but as soon as possible, for example, when they came home.When the paint is washed away for ever softening can be appli

ed balm century.

Diseases of internal organs

eyelash loss may be due to disease of the internal organs.If a woman suffers from a chronic form of gastritis, peptic ulcer, or other abnormalities in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the kidney or liver, it is certainly affect the condition of hair, including eyelashes.

problem with eyelashes may occur when hormonal imbalance, particularly in failure of the thyroid gland.If you do not treat the underlying disease, restore eyelashes fail.

Stress and fatigue

When we are nervous, our circulatory and nervous systems are experiencing excessive stress, resulting in the hair follicles become malnourished and weakened.If our lives stressful situations occur regularly, it becomes a cause of thinning and hair loss and eyelashes.In this situation, only one way out - to change the pace of life, to avoid the surge and to give enough time to sleep and rest.


most common cause of loss of eyelashes is a disease of age - blepharitis.It is manifested in redness, irritation and itching of the skin around the eyes, in the lash skin begins to itch and peel.In addition, blepharitis that causes discomfort, it is also embarrassing to others, because the eyes can not be hidden under clothing.

is much rarer, but still sometimes cause loss of eyelashes becomes a tiny view of mites being introduced into the sebaceous glands and causes Demodectic blepharitis.Eyelids first start to itch, then there are small sores, peeling and swelling.If we take demodekoz for allergies, you can start the disease and begin treatment on time, so the diagnosis should be carried out by experts.

often leads to loss of eyelashes combination of several reasons, and then treatment should be approached comprehensively.Stop hair loss will help to planned daily regime and diet, including dairy products, whole grain bread, fruits and vegetables.