Consequences of tattooing eyebrows

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27 May 2016

To make eyebrows neat well-groomed appearance, many women make the tattoo itself.Thanks to him, you can save time on a daily drawing eyebrows.However, this cosmetic procedure is a serious, sometimes after the negative consequences.So before performing this procedure is good to analyze all the "pros" and "cons", and only then to agree to carry it out, because the first few days after the tattooing eyebrows need special care, and in some cases the result does not coincide with the expectations.In addition, there are those who can not do permanent makeup because of certain health problems.

consequences of tattooing occurring in the first days after the procedure

Tattooing eyebrows less painful than the same procedure with lids and lips.In some cases, it is made even without anesthesia, but, nevertheless, it is recommended to use local anesthesia, because we all have different threshold and expose yourself to unnecessary discomfort is absolutely unnecessary.Typically, before the procedure master puts an

esthetic (gel, cream), and then starts the needle.

After tattooing eyebrows are reddened, swollen appears.All this is quite a normal reaction which will disappear after a while.On the line drawn eyebrows formed a crust that can not tear off, because in this case will injure the skin and removes a portion of the applied pigment.Behind them requires special care that should be attributed to the master cosmetologist.But to fully appreciate the quality of the eyebrows will only be possible in ten days.However, there are times when there is an allergic reaction or inflammation, and thus requires treatment.Necessarily it is necessary to warn the master of intolerance to any medications, so that he could address this point when selecting anesthetic and paint.


Despite the seeming simplicity and safety of tattooing is an entire group of people to whom this procedure is contraindicated.To solve the issue of tattooing is necessary only after the council with the doctor.Do not make permanent makeup:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • people with cardiovascular disease;
  • asthmatics;
  • people with allergic diseases;
  • at elevated pressure;
  • in diabetes;
  • if you recently moved the disease and reduced immunity;
  • if there is a mole, or papillomas, which can suffer when tattooing.

Adverse effects of tattooing eyebrows

  1. Wrong choice of paint.Sometimes Master incorrectly can choose the color of paint, resulting in the color of eyebrows did not go out the way would like to client.Professional cosmetologist can always determine the choice of paint colors, depending on tsvetotipa women, because for blondes and brunettes require different tone.
  2. chose the wrong line of the eyebrows may also impair the desired effect.If the master is inexperienced, or simply fail to make the form eyebrows - too long a break or wrong, inappropriate oval face, it's client will wait for a strong disappointment, and correct the error will be very difficult - a procedure performed to remove the pigment laser (quite painful procedure).
  3. complications after tattooing.Apart from the purely decorative negative effects of tattooing eyebrows, and sometimes there are more serious problems.One of these adverse effects is an allergic reaction.It may occur after application an analgesic or for chemicals that make up the dye.If the client can not tolerate any drugs, it must inform the beautician.

Another complication - of infection.It happens rarely, but, nevertheless, possible if the master does not use disposable materials, the cabin is not supported on the desired level of cleanliness and order.

addition to allergies and infections, in some cases you may experience bruising or swelling.This may be due to the use of low-quality equipment.