Smooth eyebrows after plucking, what to do?

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 May 2016

If there was a nuisance, and after an unsuccessful plucking eyebrows look ugly, and they grow very slowly, it is necessary dorisovyvat missing contours.Also negatively affects the growth of eyebrows frequent painting.Why spoil the shape of eyebrows and stay with her for a long time, unfortunately, it is very simple.But the impact on this process, you can use as a professional cosmetics and ordinary folk remedies.

easy procedure for the regrowth of eyebrows

Daily wipe the brow several times a day with a towel with warm water and then with a cotton swab dipped in cosmetic oils.Additional moisture stimulates hair growth.

After water procedures hairs need to be strengthened.For this, use an ordinary hair conditioner every time you wash your hair.

What do you eat?

known that the lack of nutrients in the body can lead to a deterioration in the appearance, at the same time - slowing down the growth of hair.Pay attention to your diet, make sure that all necessary material coming into your body, and eyebr

ows begin to grow faster.

tested recipes to restore growth eyebrows

One of the most popular means is castor oil.It is sold in pharmacies and is quite cheap.It is enough to put oil on the eyebrow with a cotton swab before bed and massage the area of ​​skin that will soon gain strength hair follicles, and eyebrows began to grow better.The optimum course - 30 days.

Increased blood flow to the hair follicle stimulating hair growth and improves their condition.Popular hair mask from honey and red pepper is perfect for eyebrows.It is necessary to take the ingredients in the proportions 4: 1 and absorbed by the skin.Wash off after 40 minutes.Important safety and adhere to prevent burning the mixture in the eye.

Mix for 0.5 h. Liter.buckthorn, castor and linseed oil.At night, plenty of eyebrows, lubricate the resulting mixture.

Mix 1 tbsp.l.fresh carrot juice with 2-3 drops of vitamin A. Apply as a mask for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Prepare the infusion of 1 tbsp.l.marigold leaves and 200 ml of boiling water.Apply to the eyebrows in the form of a warm compress for about 8 minutes.This means you can drain and refrigerate for daily use, the main thing is good to warm up before applying.After the procedure, you need to wash.

value oils in hair regrowth

to strengthen bulbs made use of burdock oil.It is sold in a pharmacy.Apply it daily with a cotton pad and a few days later the eyebrows start to grow.To improve the effect of burdock oil in a few drops of vitamin A.

mask of almond oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin, it stimulates hair growth.Apply the warm oil to the surface of eyebrows, drench a cotton pad that means.Cover with parchment and drive bandage, keep as a mask for 15 minutes.Also, means may be applied at night, pre-heated oil to the steam bath.

How to recover after the eyebrow tattooing?

Tattooing eyebrows detrimental effect on the basis of the hair, making it weak.We must work hard to bring their real eyebrows in order and restore growth.To do this, prepare a solution of capsules "Aevitum" in Article 1.l.almond oil, pour the mixture into a clean bottle and apply mascara on the eyebrows two times a day.

Another effective means of hair restoration is considered garlic juice.Rub a freshly squeezed juice at bedtime to the skin eyebrows before bedtime.Note that the morning of his foul odor will not erode.