The smear eyebrows after tattoo?

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 May 2016

In our century, progress is flying forward at a breakneck pace.Today, it is not necessary to do a lot of things, to abandon that was previously impossible.Such changes have affected not only the everyday life, but also care for themselves, because the modern beauty industry offers a huge number of ways in which you can forget about the daily application of makeup.One of these procedures is a wonderful tattoo eyebrows.However, few people know that is not enough to decide on the procedure, the skin eyebrows need to ensure proper care, since it depends on the outcome.

What should you know?

recovery process of the skin after tattooing takes place in 5 stages:

  1. After the procedure, the body releases fluid as a defensive reaction, which is called ichor.
  2. The next day at the puncture site appears crust as a result of drying ichor.
  3. pigment begins to actively absorbed through the skin.
  4. Tattoo is going through a small clarification.
  5. A few days later the crust disappears.Typically, this occurs at the 3 day

For two weeks, until the final result will not be shown, in any case can not come under direct sunlight, use of peels, masks, peel the crust alone, sauna, swimming pools, solariums, baths, rub the skin, and usesoap for washing.

Which drug to choose for the eyebrows?

After tattooing eyebrows, always apply a special cream to the skin, which will prevent the appearance of cracks and, of course, contribute to the rapid recovery.But remember, you need to select a tool, as part of which there is no panthenol and clarifying additives.Ideal for the procedure is suitable ointment "Belanten" "Lifeguard" and "Eton".Also means you can buy in the cabin, where you and will do permanent makeup eyebrow.

Ointment is necessary to use not less than twice a day.Yes, of course, much depends on the drug itself, in which you make your choice.But be that as it may, in any case, do not be lazy, as the avoidance of funds can lead to undesirable results.

If after the procedure you have a pronounced run-off, connect to your chosen ointment intigistaminny drug - "Tavegil" "Zyrtec", "Suprastin" "Claritin" and so on. D. Take them you need as long as it will take placemolasses.Also, some experts recommend to be used during the healing of wounds painkillers.Perfect "Ketanov", "Solpadein", "Ibuklin" and so on. D.

And finally, remember, the use of ointments and drugs, which is composed of antibiotics and hormones, as well as hydrogen peroxide, alcohol tinctures and oils is strictly prohibited.The fact is that the above listed products only worsen the situation and negatively displayed on the end result, and for which you have decided on permanent makeup.Therefore, before taking this or other means, be sure to read about its composition and method of use.