How to strengthen the walls of blood vessels?

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 May 2016

The list of deaths in modern man in the first place are cardiovascular diseases.That is why it is so important to monitor the condition of the heart and blood vessels, engage in prevention and physical therapy.

If found early symptoms, you should immediately start treatment, and it is not necessary to do anything on their own, based on the advice of neighbors and friends.Only qualified consultation, appointments and recommendations of specialists guarantee the security of your treatment.

main enemies vessels

In fact, the list of adverse factors rather impressive.In each case, the development of the disease may contribute to one or a combination of several.Depending on this, and assigned a certain medication.

Everyone should know that the condition of blood vessels may be affected:

  • properly organized or unbalanced diet;
  • strong physical exertion;
  • great emotional stress and stressful situations;
  • hereditary factors.

It is important to eliminate hazards or minimize their effects, and to take pr

eventive measures.

Proper nutrition - the key to health

main enemy vessels - the cholesterol that is deposited on the walls in the form of cholesterol plaque narrows the lumen for the passage of blood.In this regard, there is less metabolism less nutrients and vitamins reaches tissues and organs.

balanced diet - a great way to preserve the health of the whole body and its organs, including blood vessels.Deposition of cholesterol contributes to fatty foods (especially animal).

meat - a source of protein, so doctors do not recommend completely abandon this valuable product.Firstly, it is possible to reduce the amount of consumable meat product.Second, to exclude fatty meats, replace them with more dietary products, such as using pork instead of chicken.Third, change the way their cooking instead of fried, smoked meat to eat boiled meat, stewed in a little water, steamed dishes.

itself a change in diet will contribute to the improvement of the body.In addition, there are remarkable products that help strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

  1. various cereals and their products.It is therefore important to eat cereals and cereal puddings, limiting the use of pasta.
  2. legumes, including soy, beans, peas, containing the body needs vitamins and substances, and most importantly, the protein that replaces meat.
  3. all known volatile - the onion and garlic, the use of which helps to cleanse the blood vessels.
  4. Lemon Garlic acts as a partner in the process of purification of the vessels.Has a beneficial effect, and other citrus fruits - oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, which contain large amounts of vitamin C enhances immunity.

balanced diet - an important part of a package of measures to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, along with exercise and other preventive measures.

Water treatments and exercise

Another important factor contributing to the strengthening of the vessel walls - a contrast baths.The temperature difference is a good workout for the vessels.Pouring alternately hot enough and cool water helps generating the normal response to seasonal and weather changes.

There are a variety of physical exercises, designed specifically to strengthen the blood vessels.They can include morning exercises or engage in a convenient time.They do not require special equipment or special training simulators, and at the same time playing an important role in health promotion.

To prevent disease need only make minor adjustments to their own lives - to change the diet, exercise and add a contrasting douche!