Bags under the eyes in the morning

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 May 2016

presence in the morning bags under the eyes not only gives the person appeal, but also may signal the existing or emerging problems in the body.

What can be caused by the bags under the eyes in the morning?

small swelling of the face due to morning bags under the eyes can occur from lack of sleep or consume excessive amounts of fluids before bedtime, but can be caused by disorders or problems in the body that can not be ignored.Therefore, noting at the phenomenon, especially repetitive and certainly not passing a long time, you should determine the reasons for calling it, among which are the following.

fluid retention

If the appearance of bags under the eyes after a night's sleep there occasionally and after some time passes, the more likely reason is fluid retention in the body.As a result, the amount of adipose tissue of the orbit increases, creating swelling.The reasons can be attributed to fluid retention:

  • excessive consumption of salty foods before going to bed;
  • alcohol in the evening;
  • much liquid you drink before going to bed;
  • low fluid intake during the day.

If during the day the body not getting enough fluid, it makes stocks that may affect the face morning bags under his eyes.Therefore, to avoid this problem, you should drink up to two liters of fluid a day, distributing it evenly.

Changing the structure of the tissue around the eye

morning appearance of bags under the eyes it can be associated with a reduction in the elasticity of the connective tissue (membrane) which prevents the output of adipose tissue that protects the eye socket, beyond.If the fatty tissue accumulates excess fluid, the membrane is stretched to form the bags under the eyes.

In those cases where the growing fat tissue present or age-related changes in the structure of the tissue around the eyes, bags under the eyes usually do not disappear and drinking regime does not help here.The skin under the eyes and remains slack, and in the morning there is a swelling of the bags.

diseases that contribute to the appearance of bags under the eyes in the morning

Swelling in the morning under the eyes can cause certain diseases:

  • headache;
  • kidney disease;
  • diseases of the endocrine system;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • cold;
  • ENT diseases (sinusitis, sinusitis and others);
  • allergy symptoms (conjunctivitis, angioedema).

If a person is healthy, swelling in the form of bags under the eyes is not usually accompanied by a concomitant symptoms, and emerged in the morning disappears after the cause is resolved, it has caused.In that case, the bags under his eyes when stored for a long time, and the patient has other health problems, you should see a specialist.

Other causes of bags under the eyes

Morning swelling in the form of bags under the eyes can be caused by chronic fatigue and lack of sleep.Furthermore, the role played by the head position during sleep, it must be above the body.If bedtime someone hurt or had a bad mood and had to cry, it can also cause bags under the eyes in the morning.

This problem can also be caused by poor diet, lack of vitamins.In the heat of the summer night restless sleep can also cause puffiness under the eyes.Prolonged TV viewing or spending time in front of a computer monitor, occupation needlework also makes itself felt, causing muscle strain.

Among the specific causes of the appearance of bags under the eyes of women, can be identified such as:

  • use of a large amount of cosmetics;
  • substandard cosmetics;
  • failure to clean the skin of makeup for the night;
  • pregnancy (especially the last months).

How to get rid of bags under the eyes in the morning?

If the bags under the eyes in the morning with no major problems in the body, get rid of them will help to simple measures.First of all, we should observe the regime of sleep and rest, to sleep in a well-ventilated room, not to drink a lot of fluids the night, do not eat salt and not drinking alcohol.

remove puffiness around the eyes, you can use compresses with herbal infusions - chamomile, sage.You can also use the usual tea brew.