Lay the ear after a cold, what to do?

By Admin | Health Recipes
27 May 2016

Colds often have unpleasant consequences that arise due to lower immunity, the effect of antibiotics on the body, caused by pressure of the weakened after previous treatment.One of these effects can be incorporated ears - one or both.

self-medication in this case is undesirable, since complications can be quite heavy, but at the initial stage appear minor inconvenience.Timely access to a doctor will help prevent unpleasant new disease and in most cases simple treatment will cost.

ear structure

To understand why lays his ear, it is necessary to recall its structure, and the relationship between the ears, throat and nose.The hearing organ consists of outer and middle ear to the eardrum shares.The following is a connection via the Eustachian tube with the respiratory system, namely the pharynx.The pressure must be the same everywhere, but at the time the disease is a violation of the circulation of air, as the throat swells, differences occur in the middle ear, and the correct position of the broken e


Efficient procedures

With minor violations help actions and exercises of the plan:

  • holding his nose, do a few deep swallowing;
  • blow with some force air.This is done by inflating balloons, poduv in straw;
  • do mimic chewing jaw movement can, for example, to use chewing gum or candy;
  • gently inserted into the ear of a small cotton swab, you can wear a bandage, so walking is not only in the daytime, but at night and leave after a while all is normalized.

In the first three cases, the result should occur within a short period of time may be required in the fourth 1-2 days.

Remove discomfort or ear drops can help spark, but it is strictly prescribed by a doctor.As the national method approach geranium oil, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.Dial into the pipette 3-4 drops, heat in the hand or on a steam bath - it should be warm, drip into the ear and cover a small piece of cotton wool.This should be done before going to sleep for 4-5 days.

If the ear is incorporated in connection with the presence of a cold, then you need to wash the nose with warm saline solution (in a glass of warm water for 1 hour. L. Table salt) and eyedrops, constricts blood vessels.Washing doing shallow, water drip into the pharynx.Doing this will not often - several times a day that was not a big burden on the ears, but certainly before bedtime.

Why should I consult a doctor?

pledged ears may indicate not only in inflammatory processes in the respiratory organs, but also on the problems with the ears themselves.Improper and untimely treatment can lead to more complex diseases, such as otitis media.Therefore, any action it is necessary to agree with the experts who will help to determine the cause of the problem and prescribe the necessary treatment, important to remember that the delay in this case, can be fraught with consequences, up to the loss of hearing.