Why do I get moles on the body?

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

little mole is almost all people - some of them are just strewn, while others, on the contrary, they are very few.In the body, they can be absolutely anywhere and they appear at any age.According to experts, most moles appear on mucous membranes.If

from birth a person did not have moles, it is not excluded that in time they will appear.The first mole, which appeared on the human body for scientific called nevus.They appear on the body in the early months of life.In a few years become a mole brown color and become more visible.

Nevus - a certain skin cells that contain the pigment melanin, which gives the birthmarks brown.Moles can appear for many reasons, the main ones are as follows.

Hereditary moles

often hereditary birthmarks appear on the body due to the storage of genetic information in human DNA.Even the word "mole" says about it.Relatives of moles may be in the same places, for example, on the arm or waist.

Hereditary birthmarks appear on the body since birth, and in the process gaining l

ife color and size.Fearing they do not need.

Moles due to constant sun

active reproduction moles promotes ultraviolet light, because of which in the upper layers of the epidermis starts to quickly make melanin, which is the basis of moles.Excess melanin, which is formed on the skin, giving rise to new mole.

often birthmarks may not appear in the sun, but only to increase in size.Doctors say that many small moles is dangerous for humans, as they can easily develop into a tumor.

Moles due to hormones

hormone released by the pituitary gland, that affects the formation of skin substance melanin creates birthmarks.Therefore, any disease in this background can easily cause the appearance of new formations, which subsequently turned into a mole.

In newborn infants, moles can not see because they are colorless.As the baby's color and size of moles are constantly changing, as the endocrine glands and often are active.

Moles due to injuries and viruses

Experts say that insect bites, radiation radiation, viral infection can also lead to the formation of moles.This is due to the fact that the body runs unchangeable process which stimulates melanin grouped and moved to near the skin layers.

Moles due to release energy

Many Russian scientists say that moles can occur on different parts of the human body due to the dynamic release of energy, which leads to inflammation in the skin and stimulates the growth of moles.Therefore, people who have a predisposition to some diseases, at positions corresponding to diseased organs, moles may also appear.

Should I be afraid of moles?

Doctors say that to worry about the appearance of moles is not necessary.If they change color bleed and increased, in this case it is necessary to consult a doctor.