How to improve the efficiency of the brain?

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

Efficiency - an important quality that allows you to perform more tasks in the allotted time.If your work is connected with mental work, it is useful to know how to increase the efficiency of the brain.But even if you do not work or are associated more with physical activities, do not forget that you need to constantly train the brain.Increasing its efficiency will save you from mental disorders in old age.The brain - a complex mechanism, to explore which is 100% has not yet been any scientist.The brain controls the body of man and the whole of our life, so you need to take care of his health and performance.

Grow your brain

brain activity can develop in different ways.For example, the curiosity increases its efficiency.Constantly ask yourself the question "why?" And "why?" And try to find the answers.Your brain will thank you for such training.Develop memory.This can be done not only through the memorization of poems and passages of literary works.Scroll school photo album and try to recall the eve

nts of bygone days.This will be a good exercise to the brain.

developing brain can not only with mental but also physical exercise.Sports help to keep in good shape not only the body but also the mind.Ask your brain more complex tasks: if your right hand leads, try to perform the daily duties left.Reading serious books that make you think, and leads to increased efficiency of the brain.

Surprisingly, laughter not only increases life expectancy, but also allows you to relieve stress, relax, which in turn, leads to the results you want.Crossword puzzles, charades, puzzles, watching on TV transmission intelligent, participate in competitions and quizzes, count in your mind, to study foreign languages.Any additional load is beneficial for your brain.


Mental development is largely dependent on proper nutrition.For example, fat intake can increase the flow of oxygen to the brain.Fish is an essential food for the brain improve efficiency, especially in children.

to perform specific work, periodically take a break for tea and coffee.But it is important not to overdo it.Much better than caffeine-based beverages, increases efficiency glass of plain water, drunk every hour.Water protects brain cells from dehydration.

Everyone knows that sweets trigger the brain to work faster, but you can eat fruits and vegetables rich in natural sugars.It works just as well as the chocolate.

But bad habits - such as drinking and smoking should be abandoned.Nicotine and alcohol kills brain cells and prevent the restoration of mental abilities.

psychological techniques

Improve results of intellectual activity helps to classical music, especially Mozart.Use aromatherapy and color therapy techniques.So you can improve performance.For example, the smell of citrus tones and suitable for relaxing fragrance of roses or geraniums.

Do not forget about recreation.You have to get enough sleep and distractions from work.Be sure to arrange a holiday, a weekend or just a small breaks.Daily Diet also increases efficiency.Fall asleep and wake up at the same time, the body reacts to a great routine.