How to choose an orthopedic pillow?

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

Literally everyone has already heard that today you can buy an orthopedic pillow, thereby ensuring calm and, I must say, healthy sleep!These pillows are created taking into account the fact that can fully accommodate the sleeping man, or rather his cervical spine in the correct position.Thus, a high-tech product, it enhances human health during his rest, sleep.

allows us to achieve the desired effect only correctly selected orthopedic pillow.Otherwise, the pain and discomfort will not disappear, in some cases, on the contrary, there may be pain and fatigue that will be triggered by improper breathing, crooked position of the head.

distinctive feature orthopedic pillows

Often, many people mistakenly believe that the orthopedic and anatomic pillow - it is, in principle, the same thing.This concept is very wrong, because the product enables anatomical placed on sleep comfortably, so takes twists individual.

Orthopedic Pillow is seeking a comfortable position, sending the spine, shoulders and neck in

the right direction, thereby aligning the cervical spine, helping to cure some diseases or even to avoid them!Despite such a significant difference in these seemingly similar products, the majority of anatomic pillow has some properties of orthopedic products, that too much important.

What to consider when choosing an orthopedic pillow?

choosing orthopedic pillow for a specific person, you should try to pay attention to many factors, all of them into account and combine, only the product you really will be helpful.

as fillers

good filler orthopedic pillow should be relatively firm and hard, but in this case it really is to adjust the position and perform the therapeutic effect.

Many try to choose a filler "latex" with the so-called memory effect, it is not quite correct, because, turning over, you have to lie down for a while, waiting for the product to take the desired shape.Therefore it is recommended to choose pillows with "fluidized".This creates the illusion of filling the liquid state, which allows the pillow to instantly acquire the desired shape.Nothing can be said against the fillers made of natural materials - wool, vegetable fibers, fluff, but it is for individual preferences.

shape and color cushions

In principle, the shape of a little role playing, especially if you prefer a fluidized orthopedic pillows.Color products can be committed by any, because you can always put on a "correct" pillowcase cover.


important, perhaps, the criterion for choosing orthopedic pillow is the price of the product.However, like any other purchase in this case it is best to stick to the rules - the quality can not be cheap!

What should be a good orthopedic pillow?

  • paying attention to all of these criteria as a whole, you have to choose the most comfortable pillow, which will retain the correct position of the head, shoulders and neck during the entire holiday.
  • Besides lying on this product, you will not freeze, to sweat and feel uncomfortable.
  • You should not be allergic.
  • pillow should be easily cleaned of dust and dirt, so that it would not start any parasites not accumulate dust.
  • It should not smell and absorb odors.
  • Be made orthopedic pillow of fire resistant materials and environmentally friendly!