What are the symptoms of autism in adults?

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26 May 2016

term "autism" is relatively recent, in 1910.I brought him world famous psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler, who has long studied this disease.

Autism is characterized by an acute lack of communication with others, stereotyped movements and limited interests.Thus what exactly triggers its development, can not be answered, because scientists are still not agreed.Some argue that the blame so-called gene mutation, while others assure that it is no more than a failure in embryo development that occurs during pregnancy from the twentieth on the fortieth day.The impetus for this, in their opinion, may be the bad habits of the future mother, such as smoking, drug use, alcohol abuse.


This disease makes itself felt already during the first three years of life.These children begin to talk later, do not look in the eye, do not pay attention to the people around them.It is often observed problems with motor development.This can be expressed in a loss of coordination, hobbling gait and a habit to hold hands in an

unusual way.Treatment should begin as soon as possible, thanks to the patient as an adult will be much easier to find common language with the society.

American scientists conducted a large-scale study in which found that the disease in one way or another is found in every one hundredth of an adult.At the same time, not all of them need treatment, as in the early stages, you can deal with it on their own, without professional assistance specialists.The main thing - the right attitude and the desire to fight their phobias.

should take into account the fact that an adult is trying to limit yourself from others.He does not walk in the street, "closes" a rarely communicate with their relatives.Most patients are dismissed from work and prefer to lead a secluded life.If someone from the family is trying to him to "reach out" such care he perceives as molestation, which in turn leads to aggression.Most patients prefer to perform certain actions in the same time.They eat at the same time, walking in the same route.All new and unknown causes them panic and unwillingness to perceive it.

divided into groups

Scientists identify several groups of autism.So:

  1. patients, which can not be cured.They exist in their own world, access to which is closed even for the relatives.Intellectual development is low, they say, in most cases, can not require regular attention and care.
  2. Closed patients who have problems with speech, communicate with others only on some specific topics.The content of the conversation, as a rule, illogical.People belonging to the second group can sit for days for the things you love, forgetting about eating, sleeping and other necessities.Attacks will test even the slightest changes.
  3. patients who have certain abilities and skills.Typically, such patients are in contact with others, but no one do not pay attention to her, do not accept the views of society.
  4. People identify which of the gray mass is difficult.They are afraid of difficulties, dependent and resentful.However, despite all of the above, they are smart.
  5. But the fifth group includes people who have above-average intelligence.Most of them are talented people that are perfectly manifest themselves in physics, mathematics, writing activities and programming.

Cure Autism is not possible, but sooner entered the intensive therapy can dramatically fix.It is because of this it is not necessary to sit "idly by".If you notice that the disease began to emerge from you or your family, consult a good specialist.