Autism, what is this disease?

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

not uncommon to hear the phrase "autism - is not a disease but a permanent state of man!" Indeed, many think so, because the symptoms and signs of this disease more ambiguous and, frankly, still seem inexplicable.

manifestations of autism

The presence of autism say the following symptoms, which are already under careful examination can identify even a child between the ages of seven months:

  1. of the brain is clearly a violation.They may appear in the lungs is almost imperceptible abnormalities, disorders, but they are.It is difficult to
  2. given not only communication, but also any relationship with others - whether children or adults.Such people simply do not wish to enter into any communication and categorically go on contact.
  3. complete lack of interest in anything at all.Do not draw attention to toys, everything that happens "outside" is also invisible, and in accordance with the reaction unexplored.
  4. may notice a series of senseless acts, which often are repeated endlessly, often uncoordinated m
    ovements can be and usually unconscious.

Upon closer examination, the expert is already seeing other significant deviations from the norm, details indicating the presence of autism.There are also so-called disorders of the autism spectrum, but they have less severe symptoms, the symptoms of a more relaxed, but also did not go unnoticed.

Can autism be cured?

Despite the fact that identify and define the symptoms of autism often fails in the early stages of human life, a complete cure of the disease can not boast of any hospital.Unfortunately, today there is no such method, which would allow not only a cure for autism, but also to give a fairly complete picture of the full explanation in connection with the manifestation of the disease.

It remains unclear how the development of the brain in the presence of the disease autism, how it functions throughout life as its functions are changing, society is perceived and the most important thing today is not clear what is the manifestation of autism and why ?!Perhaps it is the lack of information often prevents to find the method of treatment of autism.Scientists are much more inclined to believe that autism - a gene disorder or a disease manifested by mutation.

How to help a sick autism?

Following from the fact that autism as a disease, in principle, until the end of unexplored phenomenon and the right to say, completely misunderstood, today's medicine is still puts a lot of effort to the study of this condition.It is not just about the observations and analysis of the general state in one time or another.

Science is trying to find ways to understand and help resolve the natural disease.However, autism is something still can be done already today:

  • developed special methods by which autistic able over time to acquire basic skills of self-service, so to speak, self-help.
  • Gradually patients by certain classes will learn to interact in society, but I still do not like the bulk of the healthy population.However, they have a minimum of communication that, in principle, enough for them.

However, such assistance can only be achieved when training with autistic patients as early as possible in childhood, yet the child is able to learn from the skills and understand what is said to him and what he should do.

What Future for autism?

say for sure that people with autism can not be doomed!First of all, when the time has been lost, a person can be taught in the community as much as it takes his mind and how he can learn.

As a rule, the result of this training is minimal patient adaptation to the environment - is more or less adequate perception of external factors, and of the most important - the minimum communication.Today, there is even a culture created is autistic people, because some of them are successful!Although the majority remains incapacitated.