At what age is manifested autism?

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26 May 2016

Autism refers to a group of disorders arising out of the pathologies of the brain and is characterized by severe abnormalities of social behavior.Symptoms typical of autism (Kanner's) first appear in a child up to 3 years.The disease is expressed in the presence of problems in communication, delay in speech development, as well as having a set of stereotyped habits, characteristic of the disease.The boys with autism appears 4 times more often than girls.

causes of autism

the ultimate cause of the disease is not clear.The basic version is considered to be genetic theory.Also found some impact on autism substances that can cause birth defects, and there is evidence that these substances have effects on the fetus at once in the first 2 months after conception, which is a proof of autism at an early stage of development of the child.Intended as a hypothesis about the relationship of the disease with vaccination of children is controversial and has no proof.

There are also unconfirmed version the follow

ing causes of autism:

  • infectious diseases;
  • the impact of certain foods;
  • diesel exhaust;
  • heavy metals;
  • pesticides;
  • smoking and alcohol;
  • prenatal stress.

manifestations of autism in different age periods

For diagnosis "autistic" require 3 essential its manifestations:

  • lack of social interaction;
  • violation of mutual communication;
  • loss of imagination.

Autism, which is classified as a disease of the nervous system, expressed reluctance to the child's contact with other people and delayed development of the individual.Formation of autism between the ages of 3 years, and not always can be seen in the physiological manifestations of autism, its symptoms are detected by observing the reactions and behavior of the child.

Early signs of autism

early in infancy, parents can notice some peculiarities in the behavior of the baby.It may be feeding problems and gastrointestinal tract in a child sleep disturbances.In addition, there may be a distinctive child's reaction to an external stimulus - from excessive timidity to indifference.

Abnormalities in social behavior of an autistic child or infant manifested his complete lack of contact with the outside world, or very weak manifestations.When you try to involve baby into contact, he becomes aggressive and disturbing.Such a child may not respond to the voice of the mother, do not respond to his name, having difficulty in attracting his attention, it is hard to focus his eyes, often detached, directed towards.He was more interested in objects than people.

Already in the first year of life, symptoms of autism can be expressed by the late appearance of babbling, unusual gestures.In 2 or 3 years old are fewer children noises and combine words, gestures rarely accompanied by speech.They have difficulty in achieving gaming skills requiring imagination.

manifestations of autism over the age of 3 years

period of 3 to 5 years is characterized by a lack of understanding of social conditions, exclusion from others, lack of response to their emotions and simulate the behavior of others.Autistic children in this age period tend to become attached to the people who care for them.

in a more adult children suffering from this disease, do not cope with the recognition of individual and have a weak response to the emotional displays of others towards them.

Individuals adolescence note:

  • aggressiveness;
  • tantrums;
  • psychosis;
  • seizures.

In addition, adolescents with autism may experience fear, depressed.

reached the state of maturity, autistic addicted to certain themes, such as a game of cards, a video-game.They have no sense of humor, think in advance of learned patterns.There have been the same type of movement, such as swinging.About 30% of patients with autism in adult life can achieve professional success, to live independently, but have difficulty communicative dialogue.