Cherry jam for diabetics

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

Confectionery, sweets and especially homemade jam, jam, jam for people with diabetes - taboo, but to deprive yourself the pleasure to eat sweetly today they do not have, as in the sale is a lot of variety of products, in the manufacture ofwhich use sugar substitutes safe.

In addition, by adopting the achievements of the modern food industry, every woman will be able to cook at home jam from berries loved by fructose, sorbitol or xylitol.For diabetics, these sweeteners are absolutely harmless, well absorbed in the body, almost without requiring participation in the process of digestion of insulin.

How to cook the jam of cherries for diabetics?

consider two options.In the first case on 1 kg of ripe cherries, we need 650 g of fructose and 2 cups of raw water.Cherry, as usual, wash, remove the stem and seeds.Pour into a copper basin.

Separately cook the syrup of fructose and water.As soon as the syrup boils, it is poured into a bowl with cherries.Put on the fire, bring to a boil again.Cook cherry jam w

ith fructose no more than 7 minutes, or most of the useful properties of berries "boil".

Pour jam to sterilized jars without removing it from the heat.Sealed immediately.Turn the jars upside down, covered with a blanket, leaving to cool for a day.If the jam seems too liquid, before the end of cooking, you can add natural thickener - pectin or agar-agar (15 g per 1 kg of berries).

second embodiment, 1 kg of cherries must take 650-750 g fructose and 1200 g of sorbitol, xylitol, or 1000 g.Cherry, as in the previous recipe, wash, remove the stones, tails.

Spread into a bowl in layers, sprinkling layers selected fruit sweetener.Leave in a form cherries for 12 hours to let it juice.Then cook at a slow boil as an ordinary cherry jam and sugar.Poured into banks hot.Roll with metal lids for conservation.You can store a jam and a kapron lids, but then it will have all the time to keep in a cool place (cellar, refrigerator).

Saccharin, which can also be used for the preparation of "dietary" jam, inferior in taste qualities of the other types of sugar substitutes, because the final product gives a characteristic metallic taste.Therefore, home preservation it is used very rarely, preferring fructose, sorbitol or xylitol.