Burst vessel in the eye: Causes

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

The eye is a complex mechanism, in which the choroid, which provides the supply of oxygen, regulating metabolism in the retina and deliver nutrients to other tissues of the body.

vessel wall is very thin, so are easily damaged.It is accompanied by the appearance of red spots on the visible parts of the eye, which makes unsightly man.However, not only is it a reason to visit an ophthalmologist.Damaged vessels can indicate a variety of diseases that can result in partial or complete loss of vision.


integrity of the vessel walls in the eye may be impaired as a result of:

  • effects on the body of external stimuli;
  • fatigue and lack of sleep;
  • eye injury or head;
  • excessive physical exertion;
  • diseases of different nature.

impact of external stimuli

to external stimuli that can damage the vessels in the eye, include:

  • foreign objects which accidentally hit in the eye (eg dust particles);
  • presence of dry air in the environment;
  • impact of hot air, such as in a bath.

Under the influence

of all these factors, a person begins to rub his eyes, putting pressure on them, resulting in the burst, and blood vessels.

Fatigue and lack of sleep

Sleep deprivation, prolonged reading books, finding the front of the monitor and television more than three hours per day leads to low stress eyeball.The result is a sudden rush of blood and blood vessels simply can not handle the load assigned to them.Therefore, there being damaged, which contributes to the appearance of red spots on the visible areas of the eye.

Moreover, severe headaches, which can also result from overvoltage may also cause damage to the vessels.


In case of damage or head injury of the eye should not be delayed trip to the ophthalmologist, as it is fraught with serious complications.

sometimes happens is that after an injury bleeding does not occur on the visible part of the eyeball and the inside of the vitreous glass, which naturally affects the quality of the person.

Therefore, even if the visible signs of damage to the blood vessels there, but the injury was received, be sure to consult a specialist, because the lack of treatment can lead to retinal detachment.

Strong exercise

severe physical stress on the body leads to the fact that the vessels greatly overflowing eye and blood during the spurt may burst.This may occur as a result of the power of sport activities, lifting excessive burden, as well as during labor.


damage to the vessels in the eye can cause such diseases:

  • infectious origin, accompanied by fever;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes;
  • tumor malignant and benign nature;
  • beriberi.

Other reasons

There are also other reasons, entailing damage to the blood vessels of the eye.For example, alcohol.Acceptance of alcohol can lead not only to the appearance of headaches, but also the formation of red spots on the eyes.This is due to the sharp expansion and contraction of blood vessels.

In addition, medication possessing such action as blood thinners and can cause damage to blood vessels.


If signs that the vessel has burst, do not go for 10-12 hours, you must immediately contact an ophthalmologist!Self-medication in any case do not exercise, as this can lead to a sharp deterioration of vision!