Methods for hardening of the body

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

How can you maintain health?Only one way out - hardening.It is the most effective way that can preserve health, which values ‚Äč‚Äčeach of us, because in recent years the immune system of the body is constantly fighting with various viruses, bacteria, harmful microorganisms, substandard drugs.Therefore it is necessary to strengthen health.Doing this can be different.Consider the most simple and effective methods.

First you need to understand what is hardening.Hardening - a process that leads to the formation and restore stability to different temperatures.Those who regularly tempers the body, has a strong and robust immune system, which is no problem fighting off viruses, germs and other organisms.Quenched the body can be at home, you will not need a lot of time.

When hardening is successful?

  1. gradual decrease in temperature during quenching with cold water;
  2. regular hardening.


  • disease of the cardiovascular system and the thyroid gland;
  • asthma;
  • epilepsy.

Species hardening

  • Admission air baths - the most common hardening.To do this, often walking in the woods.The body through the lungs is saturated with oxygen, which is isolated plants.In winter, the oxygen free from germs, so burned cholesterol.
  • Hardening airflow.This method is based on the use of cool air flow.For this purpose a fan.The air flow must periodically blow the front, the rear part of the body.Through this hardening of the body resists the development of colds.
  • Solar hardening.Improve metabolism and activated functions of the central nervous system ultraviolet rays, so take a sun bath, but within reason.
  • Walk barefoot over.This method of tempering trains vessels, reduces sweating of the feet, it relieves blisters.There is a kind of peeling and foot massage.Going barefoot is useful for children and adults.
  • Skiing and skating.These types of hardening are well combined with solar, air baths and movement.With this normalized and restored proper breathing, strengthens the musculoskeletal system and develops coordination of movements.
  • Water quenching is the most efficient quenching.To begin with you need to tempering water wiping wet (wet) towel, a gradual transition to pouring.If you take every morning douche, it is also considered to be hardening.
  • hardening effect on the body can have a swim in the sea water.Getting better mental and physical health.So try every year to visit the warm countries.
  • One of the most extreme ways of hardening considered swimming in cold water.This method is called many winter swimming.Untrained people dive into the hole is not recommended, since it can be supercooled and ill.Winter swimming - is hardening, which promotes the renewal and strengthening of all body systems.To activate the endocrine processes, wiping snow, especially after a steam room.
  • Steam tempering.Tempering high temperatures - another effective method.During a visit to the steam baths activated sweat glands, the skin starts to be cleaned from grease and dead cells.After the bath, you can feel the relaxation of the body are well rested and fatigue passes.

Once considered the ways and methods of hardening, it is possible to sum up.Hardening should deal with everyone who wants to preserve his health.A health depends on air, water and exercise.Be always healthy and happy!