How to get rid of chronic fatigue?

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

In this article we will analyze what chronic fatigue and turn to traditional medicine for help.We ask your doctor about the constant fatigue as a last resort, but rather when we go and do things with his last strength, as with chronic fatigue may be a normal pressure and normal temperature.If we feel tired all the time, it is a sure sign of thyroid disease.

Often, fatigue can be a heart problem or a vitamin deficiency, but do not put a diagnosis on their own.Therapists can help you determine the cause of the disease.You will have to pass a variety of tests and only after that will be prescribed treatment.But there are cases where the diagnosis after the testing is not available.Often accompanied by chronic fatigue nervous overloads, malnutrition and negative information and a sedentary lifestyle.

Nutrition and chronic fatigue

For those who are interested in all sorts of diets, chronic fatigue - inseparable companion.Self-selected diets often deprive the body of very important vitamins and minerals.

Some even choose the multi-day hunger strike and thereby deprive the body not only fat, and energy.

Eating should be properly, and the first thing to give up fast food and convenience foods.It is necessary to love yourself and prepare meals at home.Take a right on cooking food for a while, and see how your body will thank you new powers.Food should be varied, and if you want to lose weight, just do not eat fatty foods and some reduce portions.From the menu, you need to add protein, nuts and eat yogurt for a snack with no preservatives.Buy vitamin complex.So you replenish the body with vitamin C, E and B. With a sweet and starchy foods must also say goodbye.

Stress drains energy

constant fatigue develops in chronic emotional stress.It is necessary to pay attention to the terms of your communication, and understand with whom you find most difficult to contact, and from whom you get positive emotions.Limit your contact with those from whom you feel negative.

It is important to get enough sleep!Women, unlike men need 2-3 hours of sleep more.Do not sit up nights watching TV or frequently spend time in nightclubs.

fatigue syndrome may be accompanied by muscle pain or depressive state, which can drag on for months.Chronic fatigue often causes fatigue.

For those who do not know the level of sugar in the blood, it may be diabetes, and at the same time the body is difficult to absorb glucose and therefore there is fatigue.A glucose is the main "fuel" of the body.A blood test for sugar, it will be clear why you are so tired quickly when a seemingly normal life.

How to beat fatigue?

Fatigue is not related to the listed diseases can be defeated moderate exercise.It just seems impossible at first glance.We say that to us and so it is difficult to live and move, and we still have to increase the load.Yes, you!Whenever feasible we load improves mood.If feasible exercise occupy in the collective such as yourself, it not only improves mood and alertness and fatigue passes, as the metabolism improves.

There are some folk remedies for chronic fatigue, which can be taken only after a visit to the doctor and to establish the causes of the disease.

green tea with half a teaspoon of ginger, cinnamon and a spoonful of honey gives vivacity and surprises with an unusual flavor.

morning Drink a glass of clean water, it will remove from you sleep and lethargy.Instead of water on an empty stomach can drink tomato juice with fennel, and you get a whole range of vitamins and cheerfulness.In a spoonful of honey can drip two drops of caraway oil, put in your mouth and hold until the honey has melted.

When extreme fatigue can rub the palm of the hand and rub your hands with hot cheeks.Very good for tired legs and a massage several times to press a finger under the kneecap.Foot Massage, of course, to do that, who is close to you, because of his own doing is not very convenient.