How to slow the growth of hair on the legs?

By Admin | Beauty Secrets
25 May 2016
well-groomed women pay great attention to the feet.To look even more sexy and glamorous, they are, in addition to pedicure, make the skin Gorny legs and silky, removing her hair.The easiest and most common way of getting rid of a bristle shaving everyday.But it only allows you to remove unwanted hair, and they grow back fast enough.Currently, there are methods that not only remove hair from legs, but also help solve the woman question "how slow the growth of hair on the legs."
To save the time needed for shaving, and slow the growth of hair on the legs, you can use the tools developed specifically for this or that is more costly hardware procedure.
Electrolysis. most effective way to stop the growth of hair is electrolysis.Its essence lies in the introduction of the needle into the hair follicles, and then through them conduct electricity, which burns at the root of the hair.Although the duration of the procedure, the result will fulfill all expectations.
Laser hair removal. Another effective method that will remove hair for a long time, it is laser hair removal.It lies in the direction of the laser beam in the dark pigment of the hair follicle.After such an operation, the hair on the legs grow light and invisible (since become more thin).Repeated laser hair removal procedure will stop the growth of hair.
Hair removal with wax. to slow the growth of hair on the legs, you can also use wax.Thanks to him, the hair is removed, along with the follicle.To eliminate unwanted hair warmed wax with a plastic or wooden blades applied to the legs with a thin layer.Then the strip is applied on top of the fabric and left for a few minutes.Thereafter dramatically pulled by the tissue in a direction opposite to the hair growth.Processed, so the necessary area legs rinsed with cool water.It should be noted that such a procedure is somewhat painful, but without legs bristle pleased about two weeks.
costly procedures If you can not afford, and can be at home on his feet to slow the growth of hair.
Pumice. It's pretty ancient method, but despite this, still relevant in modern times.To avoid skin irritation, it should not be used on dry skin.So, during the shower soaked the feet should be rubbed with a pumice stone.To achieve the desired result this procedure should be repeated every day.
Sugar hair removal. to prepare the mixture used for hair removal on the skin of feet, you need the following ingredients: a cup of sugar, ΒΌ cup of honey and the juice of half a lemon.They need to mix in a small container and heat over medium heat.Once the sugar has melted, the desired mixture is ready.Before applying it should be sprinkled with a thin layer of flour legs or cornstarch, and then on top of the shoulder blade to adjust the chilled sugar mixture.As with waxing, attached tissue after a minute we pull in the opposite direction of hair growth.
The rate of hair growth is also affected by food.To slow it, to be present in the diet soy.
As you can see, at the moment, quite a varied selection of methods to slow the growth of hair on the legs.The difference is the presence of considerable finance, and at the lack of those, there are simple tools that are easy to prepare at home.