How to get rid of anxiety and fear?

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

Sometimes we feel a sense of anxiety and fear, which does not lend itself to any control.Anxiety is fraught with problems with sleep and frequent stress and if all of these symptoms for a long time, we have to try to pull myself together.First of all, we must try not to think about your difficult past, and try to look forward.Past failures in the past, and therefore grieve and "sprinkle ashes" is not worth it.We can not know what awaits us in the future, but further plans should be exclusively positive.

Originally from childhood

Many may not realize that their anxiety and fear comes from the childhood.In adults, there are many phobias, someone from childhood afraid to go under a bridge, or is afraid of clowns.With such phobias is difficult to live, and to get rid of phobias can help a doctor.Internal alarm can be removed if you get a new hobby.The new exciting activity distract you from anxious thoughts.Busy man has no time to lie on the couch and feeling sorry for myself.Our brain is designed so th

at to think about two things at the same time he can not, and the thought of a favorite pastime necessarily supplant the idea of ​​alarm.Expands the range of their interests, engage in sports, creative or shopping.This often distracts man from the sad thoughts.

it always harmful negative emotions?

Anger and fear sometimes bring us benefit, these feelings do not allow us to do wrong things, but when these feelings almost always accompany us, we must get rid of them.

Often anxiety brings positive, but on the contrary, can cause a lot of harm.Usually, the alarm has nothing to do with the situation that is not threatening.If normal anxiety goes into the category of neurotic, then you need to get rid of it as soon as possible.But people often delay the process.

First you need to ask yourself the question: "Where is the anxiety and fear?" Anxiety may signal a future danger.There is a feeling of helplessness and the heart begins to beat faster.When the alarm is constant, the human condition is hardly adequate.

Next to health

to the doctor about this, you can even be handled in the case of pregnancy.At this time, the woman almost always feel a sense of fear, and breathing exercises almost always helps to get rid of anxiety.

good way to attain a stable state without worries and fears - a yoga class to help make the body relaxed, and to strengthen the state of mind.Negative emotions thing of the past.Yoga correctly strengthens and relaxes the muscles and restore vitality.

Escape from depression and irritation should be gradual.If you struggle with fear in different ways, one of them will be able to protect the individual from excessive anxiety, but it is important not to go too far.Reasonable fear must necessarily be present in person.

Looking for reasons of fear and anxiety

Identify yourself can be a source of concern.Often we do not have time to do many seemingly minor things, but they need to do.If you look at these little things one by one, they will not seem complicated.As they accumulate, it seems to us that it is impossible to alter.We must accustom ourselves to the fact that to get rid of the small, but very necessary cases as soon as possible.Only then your condition will always cause confidence.

need time to pay the bills and not to let them pile up, otherwise they will grow like a snowball.Plan trips to the dentist to make an appointment in advance, pay your taxes on time, and the fear of a car.

Learning to wriggle out of the negative

If you think that the situation is a stalemate, try to approach it from the other side.For example, if you have to meet with relatives, which, to put it mildly, dislike, just plan your day in advance and take the time to meet as much as you see fit.You should not stay too long in their company for a long time to restrain themselves so as not to be rude to them.Simply referring to employment, warn them that you have a little time.

Surround yourself with only those people with whom you are pleased to communicate.See more good films, the best comedy.Read the classics and how, said the classic "do not read until dinner Soviet newspapers."Take care of yourself!