Cranberry juice with pyelonephritis

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

Cranberry is one of those fruits that in addition to excellent taste have also healing properties.Especially effective is it eliminates the dysfunction of the kidneys, bladder.

Exposure occurs in three directions.It:

  • neutralization foci of inflammation;
  • diuretic effect;
  • antimicrobial effect.

berry plants also possess antipyretic, tonic and tonic effect, increases the efficiency of the body (both physical and mental).

Cranberry simply irreplaceable in the treatment of pyelonephritis - severe inflammation of the kidneys, which can even lead to loss of the organ.Its cause is an infection, and regardless of the nature of the disease (chronic or acute), the patient requires long-term treatment and supervision in a clinic.

Scientists studying the biochemical composition of the cranberry, came to the conclusion that it acts like an antibiotic, but to antibiotics in pathogenic bacteria eventually develop resistance, and to the cranberry as a natural substance, no.

benzoic acid, which is part of the

red berries, prevent kidney stone formation.And with quinic and malic acids, it has a powerful antibacterial effect, reduces inflammation and removes toxins from the body.

to treat renal dysfunction cranberry used as fresh, as well as in the form of infusion, juice, kvass, fruit drinks.The most effective influence on the body has the juice.

cranberry juice traditional

To prepare Morse take 1.5 liters of water, which is brought to a boil.Then add half a glass of boiling sugar and 1 cup of washed and selected fresh cranberries.If you use frozen berries, they are washed with water and immediately immersed in boiling water, not even defrosting.Diabetics sugar can be replaced by a glass of apple, peeled and seeds and cut into slices.

Cranberry juice, sugar

Cranberries pre-rinse with cool water.Then squeeze the juice out of them, which is placed in a refrigerator.The waste pulp of the berries fill with water (100 g pulp - 0.75 ml of water) and put on the stove to boil.Ready broth is filtered and cooled.Then it is combined with the previously squeezed juice and add a little sugar to taste.This juice could be stored in a fridge to 3 days.

Cranberry juice, honey

To prepare healthful drink take 300 grams of cranberries and squeeze the juice from them.To this was added 1 liter of boiling water and ostuzhennoy 3 tbsp.l.honey.

Cranberry juice with potato

this vitamin drink recipe was developed by specialists in clinical nutrition.One large potato, peeled and squeeze out the juice.He should stand for about an hour to separate the starch.Then carefully pour the juice into another bowl, separating it from the sediment and mixed with cranberry juice, traditional recipes.To get rid of the taste of raw potatoes in a drink, it adds a little vanilla.Drink the therapeutic cocktail three times a day not more than a quarter cup.

Morse of cranberries - not a panacea for pyelonephritis, but the drink provides support and preventive effects on the human body.

should stock up cranberries berry picking season - autumn, after the first frost.Keep it may be in the freezer.Pre-sorted berries, dried on a towel (but in any case not washed with water).Then packaged in sealed bags or containers and placed in the freezer.Wash berries just before cooking juice.

If the period of acute pyelonephritis drink a day home liter cranberry juice, it will contribute to the rapid removal of inflammation.