How to remove the swelling after a broken arm?

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

After a broken arm in most cases there is swelling, that is, the accumulation in the intercellular space of excess fluid.Swelling may occur due to circulatory disorders, kidney disease, failure in the cardiovascular system.Typically, swelling is particularly bright at the turn of the fingers, hands or elbow joint.Basically swelling after fracture without treatment, but sometimes cause complications.In addition, when the swelling muscles get tired quickly and shackled, which causes discomfort.To get rid of edema due to a broken arm in various ways traditional and folk medicine.

Removal of edema in traditional medicine

To remove the swelling in traditional medicine has a few tricks.

Firstly, this special application of ointments or gels.Such tools are needed to improve venous circulation and lymph flow recovery.These creams and gels can be found in a regular pharmacy, but after consultation with the doctor prescribed treatment alone can only do harm.Some of the most popular of drugs - heparin ointmen

t and troksevazin (gel).

Second, remove the swelling will help special exercises (physiotherapy).It is best to apply to a special instructor - he alone will recommend exercises to help the mobility of the hand will be restored and the swelling reduced.First time doing light exercises, and further typically use additional loads.

Third, in addition to the gym is very good massage - massage therapy.It is usually carried out within a few days, that is the course.A comprehensive daily massage will help restore blood circulation and restore the hand sensitivity.As a result of the healing process and decrease swelling of the hands will flow faster.For massage is often used special medical solutions or essential oils.To remove the swelling of the effectiveness of different types of massage, such as hydro.

Fourth, to relieve swelling should refer to physiotherapy.It may include electrophoresis, electrostimulation, phonophoresis, interference effects shock, ultraviolet radiation, or mud applications.Select the appropriate option physician, given the characteristics of the particular case.

Removal of edema in folk medicine

emerged after a broken arm swelling can be removed by various folk remedies.One of the popular ways - attachment of all kinds of lotions and compresses.To do this, a good fit different herbs and extracts.This can be a chemist arnica, wormwood, calendula, comfrey, oleoresin (Pine Resin), cornflower, Boudreau hederacea, golden mustache, juniper.In place of the edema can also put the blue clay or rub fir or cedar oil (twice a day).Well it helps to relieve swelling bath with needles, sea salt or iodine.

to remove edema folk remedies can be applied not only externally.In this case, fit the ingestion of infusions of calendula, St. John's wort, chamomile, aloe, or valerian.

help relieve swelling gentle massage magnetic disk or hard rubber.A few minutes of this massage twice a day will help to quickly restore blood circulation and mobility of the hand.

For successful removal of edema fit both traditional and folk remedies.It is important to remember that you should not self-medicate without consulting a doctor - wrongly chosen remedy can not only help, but also to do more harm.With the right approach swelling will take place quickly and without unpleasant consequences.