How to remove acne scars on his face?

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

For many of the fair sex, especially adolescent girls, acne on the face are a real problem.Wanting to make an attractive skin and get rid of this nasty illness, people are starting to fight acne by any means and methods.And yet, incorrect removal of acne can provoke the appearance of scars.Scars from acne occur due to erosion of the skin and get rid of them at times much more difficult than from acne themselves.Consider different ways of dealing with the scars left after acne.

laser exposure

In modern times become increasingly popular this method of acne scar removal as laser resurfacing.The essence of the procedure is to ensure that the laser onion has a direct impact on the affected skin, resulting in scar tissue and burned through time in their place is growing healthy skin.

Pharmaceutical preparations

modern pharmaceutical market offers a huge number of various ointments and gels, the effect of which is to eliminate superficial scars on the skin.Do not expect quick results, but over time, the

se medications will make skin defects hardly noticeable.

All ointments and creams scars depending on how their actions are divided into several categories:

  • have an antibacterial effect;
  • improve circulatory processes;
  • governing the production of collagen.

Before you opt for a particular drug, you should get expert advice.The fact is that in this matter it is important to take into account the structural features of the scar or scar.

Of all the products deserves special attention gel "Contractubex" to which the components are substances that produce softening and wound healing effects.The preparation should be applied twice a day on precleaned problem areas.

Other means

help in removing acne scars can also help the following products:

  • concoctions.Buy drug can be in any pharmacy.Following the instructions, vehicle and cook rapidly in a circular motion to rub it in problem areas.The course of treatment consists of 10 procedures carried out daily at bedtime for 10 days.
  • baking soda.It is proved that soda - is an excellent means of regeneration of the skin.To a large extent reduce the scars scars help washing your face with warm water and a small amount of baking soda.
  • essential oils.Rubbing in the skin of essential oils of tea tree, cedar, lavender or rosemary will help restore its former integument attractive.
  • Parsley.In order to eliminate skin blemishes can prepare an infusion of parsley.To do this, a small bunch of parsley should be finely chop and pour boiling water (200 ml).When the liquid has cooled, it should be strain and pour into molds for ice, and then send in the freezer.Dice folk ready to wipe your face for two months.Such a procedure, among other things, is an excellent way to prevent wrinkles.

Folk mask of scars

  • tomato and cucumber mask.In a bowl put the pulp of fresh tomato and half grated cucumber.All mix and knead.Pick up a cotton ball, moisten it with warm water, then dip into the resulting vegetable mass.Apply the mask on your face for 15 minutes, after which wash your face with warm water.
  • Citrus mask.Connect in equal proportions freshly lemon juice, orange and grapefruit.The resulting solution is the fruit soaked gauze and apply it to the pre-cleaned skin of the face and leave to dry, then wash.Apply the mask should be used twice a day for 10 days.
  • Honey mask.Connect in equal parts fat sour cream, natural honey and warm boiled water.Apply the resulting mass in the face for 15 minutes and then wash off.

Thus, there are many ways to deal with acne scars, offered as a folk medicine and professional beauty.For best results it is recommended to carry out a comprehensive treatment.