Pear jam with cardamom

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
15 June 2016

Pears are perfectly combined with cardamom in a variety of desserts, giving the finished delicacy in his tandem stunning taste and unsurpassed flavor.Let's verify this by preparing pear jam with cardamom.In this recipe we also use cinnamon, which is known to be a powerful anti-depressant.Thus, we get a wonderful dessert that is sure to cheer up a gloomy autumn and cold winter.Let's get started.

Pears (2.5 kg) to wash under running water, dry and free them from the skin.Carefully clean the fruit of the core and cut them into 4 pieces.The bulk container to pour cold water (1.5 L) and dilute it a 9% table vinegar (2 tbsp. L.).Send a pear in the pot with acidified water.Take boxes cardamom (8-10 pcs.) And pulled out the seeds.Cinnamon sticks broken into several pieces, striking her with a heavy object.

Pour into a saucepan cold distilled water (100 ml) and freshly squeezed lemon juice (100 ml), sent to the plate.Pour into a liquid sugar (1 kg) and mix thoroughly.On high heat, bring the solution to a boil

, then turn down the flame.During cooking the syrup on its surface will be formed foam that must be removed.The boiling liquid to put the pieces of cinnamon and cardamom seeds.After 5 minutes, using a skimmer, the syrup must pull cinnamon.

Pear extract of the acidified water to drain liquid from the fruit (for this they can recline in a colander), and then send the fruit in a saucepan with the syrup.Bring to boiling mass then continue cooking for three minutes.Remove the container with the future of jam from heat and let cool completely delicacy (this will take at least 3 hours).Thoroughly mix the pieces of pears in syrup and boil again sweetness (cook for 3 minutes), and then once again sustain time period for cooling.Similarly, you need to spend an additional 2 stages of cooking pear jam with cardamom.

Prepare glass containers.To do this, they must be washed, sterilized, and then dry completely.Arrange the jam into hot on the prepared container, let cool dessert, and then send the container for storage in a cool and dark place.Stunning sweetness is ready for winter!Enjoy your tea!