Can I burn process with hydrogen peroxide?

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

Burn is a risk of damage to the skin or mucous membrane tissue that happened because of the action high temperatures, chemicals, electricity.

severity of the burn

Sometimes four severity of the burn.It depends on the severity of the area affected, the depth.

When I degree burns the victim skin reddens, swells the burn, there is a sharp pain.A few days later, these symptoms usually disappear, and then the damaged layer of skin dies.

second degree burns as a redness and swelling, tenderness is different, but this version has also formed bubbles, which burst a couple of days.In case of complications at the site of such bubbles remain scars.

third degree burn is characterized by necrosis of the skin layer, there is the crust, and the healing process will begin only after it is no longer needed.At the site of the burn scars remain.

heaviest degree - this is the fourth.When her skin charred completely unaffected, even the internal organs.

burn treatment with a solution of hydrogen peroxide

When the burn is necessary to begin treatment immediately.The first thing is not very severe burns should be put under cold water, and then it is desirable to use any means of pharmacy (eg, panthenol).

If anything at hand would then be used to treat burns hydrogen peroxide.Usually this solution was treated with medicine injuries, newborns with it washed umbilical wound and yet with hydrogen peroxide is soaked dressing adhering to the wound.Hydrogen peroxide does not sting the skin, does not cause any unpleasant or painful sensations, has a hemostatic effect.Hydrogen peroxide is used in the treatment of children, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women.The only limitation - it is impossible to even a small drop of hydrogen peroxide got on the mucous membrane of the eye.In very rare cases, the use of this drug may cause local allergic reactions or slight burning sensation in the wound.

Speaking about burns, then the tool can be used only for burns first and second degree.In this case, the treatment can be carried out without the intervention of doctors, but the area of ​​the affected area should not be very large.

on the burn you have to put the napkin, which had been pre-impregnated with a solution of hydrogen peroxide (3% is taken).This bandage should lie on the damaged area a few minutes.This procedure must be repeated several times a day for three days.Once dry peroxide to burn better to put a clean bandage with ointment "Levomekol" that will anti-inflammatory effect on the wound.A particularly effective solution of hydrogen peroxide in the processing of first-degree burns.The affected area is usually recovers quickly passes the pain and swelling, normalizes blood circulation.It is important to follow the treatment with hydrogen peroxide dosage, so as not to worsen the condition of the injured area.