Sharp pain in the abdomen on the left in women

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26 May 2016

Pain - is a complex defined process, which causes discomfort and at the same time is a wake-up call, by which we can determine that certain organs of the body in need of treatment.At the same time, in order to calculate the "soft spot" is not necessarily to seek professional help.Simply define the nature of pain and, of course, take into account the place of its origin.

So, for example, very often women complain about the appearance of a sharp pain in the lower abdomen on the left.They are located organs of the urogenital system, kidney, small intestine, appendix, spleen, large intestine and bones of the pelvic girdle.However, as practice shows, the most commonly causes the syndrome of ectopic pregnancy, or inflammation of the appendix.So, let's sort out this issue in more detail.

Causes severe pain in the abdomen in women

Causes of sudden abdominal pain in women may be:

  • inflamed appendix.In this case, the pain is severe, unbearable, in most cases there is fever.It is necessary to try as soon as
    possible call emergency ambulance.
  • Ectopic pregnancy.Typically, the pain occurs on one side - the left, but in single cases it may be two-way.It should be noted that such pain can wear cramping in nature, while the motion is significantly enhanced, and an exacerbation of increase.If the fallopian tube breaks, the pain is sharp, strong, unbearable and, of course, a sudden.
  • Inflammation of the colon (lower division).When inflammation of the intestine is observed not only a pain in the abdomen on the left side, and other symptoms.So, for example, a violation of stool, bloating and so on.. In this case you need to give up foods such as brown bread, vegetables, milk.You have to follow a strict diet while excluding from your diet foods that can worsen your health.If the two days do not feel better, be sure to consult a specialist.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system.In this case, the disease can identify only a doctor after the patient will pass all the required tests and examinations will be held.It should take into account the fact that if this pain is accompanied by elevated temperature, vomiting and moves to the right side, then this may indicate the presence of such diseases as ovarian cyst torsion legs.In such a case, it can only help surgery.
  • Hemorrhage.There is a break in the follicle with the egg.May occur after heavy physical work or after sex.At the same symptoms similar to those that a woman feels when an ectopic pregnancy.It dizziness, nausea, loss of consciousness.However, delays in the monthly this case.
  • inflammation of the uterus (acute).In most cases, it begins after childbirth or abortion.This pain is not strong initially, it escalates over time.When you touch the belly pain intensifies.If you press the abdomen and to miss a hand, the pain is most severe after it lowered.

What you should know

Please note that in case of pains of this nature to self-medicate in any case it is impossible, as this can lead to undesirable, very serious consequences, including possible and death.So do not ignore the help of specialists and trust traditional medicine.Remember, the sooner you go to the clinic, the doctor will determine the true cause of this feeling and, of course, do everything possible to cure you.However, please only in the best clinics, staffed by experienced experts, because, as you know, to save on health can not be!