Quail eggs with high cholesterol

By Admin | Health Recipes
26 May 2016

This article will give us an understanding of why it is necessary to have an empty stomach quail eggs and how it is done.We recognize that the benefits of this product, and what from it harm.Quail eggs are white with small brown dots of different sizes.Sami eggs are small and the average weight of quail egg is 13 grams.The shell of quail eggs in a fragile and may break at the slightest pressing the shell.

Effects quail eggs

This product includes a lot of biologically active substances and, therefore, it is eaten on an empty stomach.They are very different from chicken eggs that are rich in vitamins and a high content of amino acids.Nowadays, quail eggs are commercially available, and virtually everyone knows that quail eggs should be used for people who have elevated cholesterol.It argued that the eggs should be eaten raw, as the quail are not afraid of salmonellosis, and people infected with it can not.This opinion exists because quail body temperature significantly higher than other poultry, but t

his is not so.

Eggs quail salmonella can be killed and it only after the heat treatment.The composition of the eggs - a protein, yolk and shell.All this can be eaten.Quail eggs drink, since they contain many nutrients.The protein is low in calories and lots of protein and amino acids.

Moreover, the protein contains a lot of interferon, which is able to prevent inflammation and heal wounds quickly.

The yolk contains vitamins A, B1, B2.In addition to vitamins in the yolk contains a lot of carotene, which makes almost orange yolk.He has a positive effect on brain function.The yolk is concentrated huge amount of necessary and useful for human substances, what can match any product.

Quail eggs fasting certainly useful, and in spite of the fact that they are small anyway, these natural products are of great value than chicken eggs.Often just quail eggs are underestimated.In fact, the protein content of quail eggs is much higher than in chicken.They are rich in minerals than the eggs of other birds.This product is a high content of amino acids.

If elevated cholesterol?

Many use quail eggs with high cholesterol.Persons with an increased amount of cholesterol suffer vascular occlusion and thrombosis that is not only dangerous for health and life as well.Lecithin, which is contained in the quail eggs, does not accumulate cholesterol in the vessels.The human body is accustomed to cholesterol, but to the lecithin - not.Therefore, doctors believe that quail eggs with high cholesterol, you can drink and not only for high cholesterol, but also in atherosclerosis.The argument for this is the experiment conducted in Israel.The subjects drank two raw eggs on an empty stomach every day for a year, and the amount of cholesterol have decreased to normal.Cholesterol, anyway, is in any body, but its amount is excessive and quail eggs are good helpers in his decline.

Quality of life and quail eggs Quail eggs

helpful lactating mothers, their use leads to increased milk production.The use of quail eggs increases the immunity and virtually guarantees a decrease cholesterol and improves the quality of life.Increased attentiveness, improved memory and overall physical condition of the person.

Thus, doctors have nothing against the use of such a useful and affordable product, such as quail eggs.They can be used both fasting and cooked form.