Scalding, what to do at home?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 May 2016

scalding practice almost always takes place at home, in everyday life.This is a very painful injury, causes extreme pain, even if the steam engulfed a small area of ​​the body.To assist himself is very difficult, since the burn may interfere with travel, so if in the house except the injured no one, it is better to seek help from neighbors, friends or relatives, telling them about the incident on the phone.

What to do in the first few minutes after the burn?

Immediately after the disaster, determine how extensive the burn to take further measures.In the most difficult situations you need, do not delay, call an ambulance.This must be done if:

  • hit more than 5% of the body and you do not know what to do;
  • hurt a child or an elderly person;
  • burns hurt your eyes or groin area.

waiting for the ambulance, free up space on the injury clothing.To do this, do not try to drastically disrupt the fabric body: the need to carefully cut it with scissors and gently removed.If the fabric is stuck to the skin an

d does not separate, it is better to wait for the paramedics.

What can be done, so it is applied to the wound site by means of an aerosol burns.It is sprayed directly on the skin all reddened areas and leave before the arrival of the ambulance.You can use the ointment against burns through panthenol.Protivoozhogovy drug partially reduce the pain and reduce suffering.

If the home medicine cabinet is not suitable drugs, just lower the affected part in cold water or apply a cold compress, it will help reduce the pain.Note that this can be done only when the skin is just blushed, but there is no open wounds.

What not to do when scalding?

Do not rub the affected area with an alcohol or green paint, it will cause more pain.Do not lubricate the affected area of ​​the skin oil, because the pain moves to the deeper tissues.

not touch the place burn your hands, even washed, so as not to carry infection and complicate the situation.Also, do not attempt to pierce the blisters that you share the infection to an open wound.If

struck a small part of the body

If you visually identify that portion of the fired steam the skin is small, and the exposure time was short a couple, you can not call the ambulance.Spray on the body spray and give him time to act.Lie down or sit in a comfortable position and distract from the pain.

later time on the burn can appear blisters with liquid inside.Try as much as possible to maintain their integrity, and if they burst, bandaging a wound bandage, trying to infect it.During dressing changes leave the burn for a while open to the air pobylo body.

If burned area is under your clothes, contact with body tissue gives discomfort and interfere with the movement.Try more time to be alone, without disturbing the wound site.

How to speed up the healing of wounds after burn?

traditional medicine known to many treatments scalding.You can cut aloe leaves, wash it and cut along the dividing into two halves.Apply the leaf of a plant to the wound and pribintuyte.When the aloe juice dry, the sheet can be removed or changed fresh.

grated carrots or potatoes, place in a linen bag and attach to the sore spot.You can simply cut the potatoes and make a circle to redness, but this is the case when the place of defeat has a very small scale.

on the affected area, apply honey or propolis, cover with plastic wrap and bandage.Such a compress should not be left for long, since the film does not let the wound air, and its access is very important to the wound and will not zamokala delayed.

Another folk remedy - lubricate redness beaten egg yolk.Using folk remedies, we must remember that they can help only at the first, and sometimes during the second stage burn, hurt when only the upper skin and no open wounds.

If no improvement is observed, do not delay a visit to the doctor.Only a specialist can determine the degree of damage and give sound advice on the treatment of scalding.