How to quit smoking and not get better?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 May 2016

habit of tobacco smoking is very difficult to overcome.Tobacco, in fact, is easy to legalize drugs.According to WHO estimates, today, 1.3 billion people smoke.Nicotine is often the cause of serious diseases such as cancer, and often occurs after a long smoking death.This is not a horror story, but the truth of pure water.In Russia, smokers so much that it is recognized as the most smoking countries in the world.Gratifying only one that Russians are not the heavy smokers, and 16 are only place, but nevertheless, 16 is not the last place.

Public attitudes to smoking

In the 20th century, smoking was even trendy, and young people from starting to smoke early on and without fear, as the promotion of harm of smoking was too insignificant and youth sincerely believed that smoking during intercourse - is a kind of ritual.Young people started with the fact that just smoked for a company with adults and adults they do not pull up.Thus, the regiment arrived smokers only.

Today the attitude to tobacco quite un

ambiguous, and the fight against smoking is conducted at the state level.It promotes a healthy lifestyle and sports.Modern young people increasingly began to carry in their pockets and purses are not a pack of expensive cigarettes, but rather an apple or a vitamin complex.Many want to live a healthy lifestyle, but fear that giving up smoking will lead to weight gain.This is perhaps the main reason why people do not want to end this addiction.

Smoking and weight

Statistics show that those young people who quit smoking gain about 3 kilograms.At risk include women after 50 years old, who smoked a pack a day.They can get better than 3, and even 10 kilograms, because by smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, we lose about 200 calories, and a good piece of cake.

Smokers to quit, gain weight solely on the fact that discovering the taste of food in a new way, because before nicotine muffled the taste buds and taste was quite different.So, trying to quit smoking, we do eat in order to take his mouth because he was "bored".Thus, it is necessary at this time elementary "include the head."Instead, you can suck on a piece of cake or chill tick tock, it is much more pleasant taste than cigarettes.Try to eliminate from your diet high-calorie foods.

How to get rid of smoking, not get fat?

burn calories not need a cigarette and a cake, and in the gym.If you are unable to attend the gym, replace the road to or from work on foot.If you eat on the bus, you should get out for a couple of stops early.Also trek to the store has to be on foot.Do not be afraid to spend the extra 20 minutes and you will soon see good results.You will lose extra weight and gain good "dyhalku."The easy answer thank you for what you have freed them from the shackles of nicotine.Any feasible load your muscles will be toned.Say good-bye for a while with a lift and every day is added floor.

thus burdening itself feasible in sports or physical activities, your figure will improve every day, and you not only get better, but rather lose weight.

the sake order to maintain a slim figure, it is necessary to lead a regular life.Stop smoking, avoid contact with people who do not smoke and do not discuss the issues and news in the smoking room.Nutritionists say that sit on a rigid diet first for solutions to stop smoking.Snacks should be light and balanced meals.Not bad turn to the dietitian and explain the situation to him.You will not be the first person to take the case, because the diet for those who want to quit smoking has already been created, and it helped not stout or one thousand people.Cigarette substitute may be a piece of cheese, light yogurt, egg or plain lollipop, for which it is necessary to run during your lunch break, or once again leave the house and go down and go up the stairs on foot.

women can keep in your purse bitter chocolate and a small bottle of water.Water can also come to the rescue when really want to smoke.A few sips of clean water to distract from a cigarette.