Is it possible to burn oil to smear?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 May 2016

burns - thermal damage to the skin.It can be obtained in various ways, and from such injuries no one is immune.It is for this reason it is necessary to know how to provide first aid in a similar situation.

Be careful!

According to doctors, most people do not possess such knowledge and contrary to the rules, begin to lubricate the wound with plenty of different oily product that vkorne wrong.Such manipulations will only aggravate the health and general well-being, and for several reasons:

  • Even when the source causing the burn has no effect on our skin, it still continues to collapse under the influence of elevated temperatures.A applied to the wound oil - whether it's butter or a similar process will accelerate, causing the already damaged tissue injured even more.
  • any oil, regardless of its origin, is not sterile.It contains a large number of different substances which can, once the wound pathogens infect it.As a consequence, the wound even more inflamed.

also in any case can not be processed s

ite of inflammation such improvised, folk remedies, like potatoes, sour cream, eggs, yogurt and sour cream.They are also sterile and, therefore, can infect various infections.And the effect that they have is only temporary and lasts only a short period of time, bringing only partial relief.

It is necessary to know

What use for burns of the skin, so as not to harm the body?Doctors say - prepared exclusively pharmacological agents.The list is quite extensive.Experts point out that immediately after the burn should be possible to cool the damaged skin.This is best done with the help of very cold water.It is necessary to hold the burned area under running water for 20 minutes.

After that give the skin to dry out, then spread evenly on the skin Panthenol - spray or an analogue thereof.After finishing these manipulations, mandatory protective skin sterile dressing.It reliably protect against falling into the wound of germs and bacteria that can cause festering wounds.

After such treatment, after a few hours, you can proceed to the processing of special medical salve wounds.But the gel is better not to use because it has a coarser texture.Impose ointment must be twice a day, and be sure not to forget to change the sterile dressing.

Once the wound begins to heal a little, you can proceed to the application of the special healing gels.Their range is quite wide.The most popular among the patients are olazol, dermazin, solkoseril.In

if large skin surface is damaged, it is recommended mandatory seek competent help from a qualified doctor.You should not neglect the health of their own, because it is fraught with the most serious consequences.