How to bring stones from the gallbladder?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 May 2016

With this disease, as solid foreign bodies in the gall bladder is not hearsay familiar with a huge number of people.Typically, in such cases, doctors recommend an operation, however, agree to go under the knife away a few.It turns out that to get rid of this problem can be in the home, and help you in this folk remedies, medications and drugs, of course, proper nutrition.


Dissolution of stones can occur under the influence of drugs containing a bile acid.We are talking about medicines, which include those marked ursodeoxycholic and chenodeoxycholic acid ("Ursofalk", "Ursodez", "Livodeksa", "Ursosan").Duration of treatment with these drugs varies from 9 months to 1 year.Consider what are the solutions to this problem offers us traditional medicine.

beet and corn silk against gallstones

2-3 medium-sized beetroot peel and pour cold purified water, and then sent to the plate.Boil the roots should be long (3-4 hours), until then, until the liquid is syrupy acquire state.Cool the broth and st

rain it.Take three times a day for 50 ml to a meal.

To enhance the therapeutic effects is recommended along with this broth to drink and healing liquid prepared based on corn silk.To do this, crushed spout (1 hr. L.) Brewed with boiling water (100 ml) under a closed lid simmer water bath for 30 minutes, after which the broth of strain and dilute it with boiled water (liquid should be enough to return tothe initial volume of the solution).Consumed 30 ml three times per day.To help

chicken gizzards

take some chicken gizzards, wash them and release of the film.Now we need to properly dry the byproduct, grind it into flour, then rub through a sieve.Ready powder should be consumed every day at 1 am. L., And to do it on an empty stomach and drink cow's milk, or in his absence - plain water.The course of treatment lasts for three weeks.

recipe based on the leaves of horseradish

Washed crushed horseradish leaves and put in a quart jar (close to complete their half-capacity).Pour into a glass container quality vodka bottle, cork tightly with a lid and leave for 2 weeks.Further, the infusion and every day on an empty stomach to drink 20 ml.After all tincture of mustard on the leaves is drunk, it is recommended to pass ultrasound.


diet is very important to go to a fractional diet (eating small meals at least 5 times a day) and drink per day for more than two liters of fluid.Every time a person uses food in his body is the secretion of bile, but because of the tricks of food, causing bile to move constantly, become the prevention of gall stagnation.If insufficient intake into the body of water is supersaturated bile cholesterol, which in turn activates the processes of stone formation.

from the diet should be excluded meats, sausages, fatty meats, pastries.The menu must be products with a high concentration of magnesium, which purifies the blood of excess cholesterol.Among these are peas, buckwheat, beans.On the benefit will go and raw vegetables and fruits.

Thus, the diagnosis "gallstones" not necessarily immediately rush to extremes and undergo surgery, because there is a lot safer ways to combat this disease.