Symptoms of thyroid disease

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25 May 2016

diagnose thyroid disease is not so easy because of her disease symptoms are similar to symptoms of other diseases.But there are some signs that should alert expression and to encourage contact the hospital for examination.What changes in the body should pay attention to?

signs of increased activity of the thyroid gland

Pathology of the thyroid gland, which is produced at an increased level of hormones, called hyperthyroidism.Suspected changes in thyroid gland can be by the following features:

  • sharp, sudden increase in pressure;
  • violation of palpitations, rapid pulse;
  • feeling of heat, sweating;
  • trembling fingers.

Women with increased secretion of the thyroid hormones is disturbed mental state, which manifests itself in irritability, temper, mood swings, sudden tears, a feeling of anxiety.Emotional swings can occur for no apparent reason, then there is a feeling of weakness and lethargy.

In some cases, the disease is accompanied by a tremor in his body.First, it is not very noticeable and aff

ects only the tips of his fingers.Over time, as the disease progresses, the shaking spreads to the whole body and can not be contained.

Sometimes, in diffuse toxic goiter may be affected by the organs of vision.Because of the changes in the fatty tissue of orbit eyes creates the appearance pucheglazija appears watery, and appear under the eyelids, foreign body sensation.

a result of accelerated metabolism of the organism releases increased amounts of heat.The patient always want to reduce the temperature of the environment, he feels comfortable in a room with a lower temperature air, and in a normal environment, comfortable for other people, there is hot and stuffy.

the patient has a very good appetite, but, despite this, the man begins to lose weight quickly, but there is an opposite reaction - the mass of the body increases.Such a course of the disease is very rare, has a name - "fat Basedow," and is an exception to the rule.

If hyperthyroidism occurs in pregnant women, the fetus suffers from anoxia, which is why there is a high probability of violation of pre-natal development of the child.If you plan to have children, you need to pay attention to symptoms suggestive of changes in the thyroid gland.

Signs of reduced activity of thyroid hormone deficiency

activity of the thyroid gland leads to opposite effects, and is called hypothyroidism.Hyperthyroidism manifested in the following symptoms:

  • constant weakness, drowsiness;
  • pressure reduction;
  • fatigue;
  • irregular heartbeat, its decline;
  • memory impairment;
  • constipation;
  • change the structure of hair and nails, they become dull, dry and dandruff appears;
  • drop in body temperature, constant chilliness in the warm.

Mood hypothyroidism is almost always suppressed, there is lethargy, apathy.Despite the usual diet, body weight steadily increasing, and this process can not be adjusted.

If you have noticed at some of these symptoms and it worries you, you need to do an ultrasound and thyroid tested for hormones and antibodies.For the prevention of disease should be balanced diet - should be present in food enough iodine and tyrosine.Iodine enters our body with seafood (this seaweed, fish, squid, shrimp) and sunflower oil.Regular iodized salt can be replaced.Intake of tyrosine can be resolved by eating milk, eggs and beans.

order to recognize the disease should be closely monitored for changes in their body.Detect changes in the thyroid gland in the early stages, to cope with the disease is always easier.