How to remove eye fatigue?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 May 2016

eyes - a vital organ through which man receives 83% of the information from the outside world.Bad eye care, their constant fatigue, failure to comply with the elementary rules of hygiene can lead to eye problems and even loss of vision.

Unfortunately, the modern way of life forces people to spend much time at the computer, driving a car, it is very tiring to the eyes.Also, negative factors that cause their imprint on the status and health of the human eye are different radiation, aggressive environmental factors and poor environment.To my eyes constantly remain healthy, you need to regularly take care of them, relieve fatigue and doing gymnastics for them.Let's look at 8 the easiest ways to get rid of eye fatigue, which can easily be applied at home.

Intensive blinking

At long stay of eyes in tension dries the cornea and the eye itself begins to redden (irritate).Frequent blinking, intensive and informed, not only lead the eye back to normal, but it will relax.

regular breaks

order not to overtax your eyes, while the sure to take regular breaks.It's enough to just close your eyes for a few minutes, or even translate gaze from the monitor on any other subject.

rewetting drops

Today, at any pharmacy you can buy special eye drops that are identical in composition to human tears.They need to drop into both eyes, as soon as there is a feeling of discomfort and fatigue.

Tea bags

already used the cooled tea bags from the tea are an excellent way to relieve stress with the eyes.Before going to bed put on each eye for sachet tea (black without additives) and hold a minute 3. For more effective results, we recommend at this time to lie back and relax.

Raw potatoes

This vegetable is in every home, but not everyone knows that the mashed raw potatoes - a good assistant in the treatment of inflammation of the eyes of chronic sleep deprivation.To prepare mashed potatoes need two to wash, remove the skins, grind in blender.The resulting pulp puree put in bags of gauze and cover their eyes.15-20 minutes to restore the normal state of the eyes should be sufficient.


This method relieve fatigue from his eyes, probably, everyone knows.Cut from two cucumber slices not thick and attach one of them for 10 minutes for each eye.Portion of freshness and moisture to the eyes provided!



It can be used as a compress for tired eyes.First, it must be boiled and then cooled down milk to moisten the cotton pads or just small lumps of cotton wool and apply for 15-20 minutes to the eyes.Finish the procedure by washing with cold water.

chamomile and dill

These components themselves provide a strong calming and relaxing effect, but their totality in the broth - a great tool for relieving fatigue and eye irritation.To prepare the broth to compress, you need to pour boiling water (200 g), the mixture (half a teaspoon), fennel and chamomile.For infusion enough for 7-10 minutes, then the broth is filtered and divided into two parts.To make a compress, the first part of the infusion should be hot, the second - cold.Moisten cotton pads turns cold and hot broth and applied to the eyes.Such contrasting procedures recommended in a day.


decoction of dried hips will not only help get rid of eye fatigue, but also contributes to the treatment of conjunctivitis.To prepare the broth 3/2 tsp. Dried berries to wash, pour 200 grams of water and boil for 5 minutes, then give them the infusion.Warm broth is filtered, it is moistened cotton pad and applied to the eyes for 20 minutes.


If the eyes are in disrepair, they not only reddened surge, but also began to water, to help cope with the situation millet.To prepare the broth will need 1 tbsp.spoon of cereal, it is necessary to fill a half-liter of boiling water and cook for 6-8 minutes on low heat.The cooled mixture is used to wash before going to bed.

important to remember that after any compress to the skin around the eyes is required to apply a special nourishing and moisturizing cream.Well, if a person pursues visual fatigue with regular constancy, is a powerful argument for going to the ophthalmologist.