Can I eat fruit at night?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 May 2016

Questions about what can or can not eat at a certain time of day, most often concerned slimming.If you watch your figure, you probably do not just wonder, "what you can eat at night, so as not to damage the diet and saturate the body."Most of us choose fruit as a low-calorie and light snack, but can you eat fruit at night and how it affects our bodies?

The meal at night?

All nutritionists agree that hunger can not be ignored, especially if you are on a low calorie diet and adhere to the principles of proper nutrition.If the traditional six-hour dinner you have the feeling of hunger, we must intelligently approach to his satisfaction.

Do not drink tea with cookies or candy, in this case the fruit will be more useful alternative.Of course, in an ideal snack low-fat yogurt, but harmless grapefruit is also nice for an evening snack, as the number of calories in it is minimal.

These different fruits

Although one common name, each piece of fruit - it's completely separate dish.All fruits have their own

individual characteristics: they are different in composition, the presence of certain nutrients and vitamins.Calorie fruit is also different.

For example, kiwi and citrus fruits contain a record amount of vitamin C. Bananas and grapes are considered fairly high-calorie snack.A watermelon - is the fruit (or berry), which no one would never eat before bedtime.Thus, for different fruits exists its own time of day at which their use is most beneficial to the human body.

When and what should eat fruit?

most popular fruits in our country - it's apples.Apples are very good for the body, they definitely need to have any person, including those located on a diet.But before going to bed is better not to eat apples, leave for their morning and afternoon hours.The fact that the enzymes contained in apples, increased appetite.Thus, eating an apple, you will want something else to eat that would nullify all your efforts to comply with the regime.Ideal time for consumption of apples - for 20-30 minutes before eating.

Citrus fruits, kiwi and other fruits rich in vitamin C, ideally to eat in the morning, when the body is just stored energy.In this case, you will be alert during the day.However, grapefruit contains only 35 calories, so it you can easily eat and at bedtime.

Grapes - is a sweet high-calorie fruit, it also contains a lot of glucose.If you eat the grapes in the afternoon, you have time to spend energy completely.But the evening meal with grapes to anything good will not lead, if you are trying to watch her figure.Approximately the same situation with bananas.They contain more calories than grapes.Nutritionists and gastroenterologists are generally advised to eat bananas as a separate dish, without mixing it with any other products.

How to eat fruit?

Many people believe that fruits should be eaten as a dessert.However, experts say that eating fruit should be allocated in a separate meal.It is best to eat fruit for an hour and a half before lunch or dinner.Very good fruit in the afternoon, especially sugary and calorie types.

Another feature of the fruit - is that you can easily overeat them, not without reason considered low-calorie fruits and dietary.This leads to the fact that people on a diet can uncontrollably absorb apples, oranges and bananas in large quantities.Thus, it can easily happen that the amount of calories quickly exceed the permitted limit.

drawing conclusions, we can say that the fruit can be eaten at any time of the day, including eat them at night.Only need to know when to stop everything and not go too far.Of course, if the choice comes between a piece of cake and a banana, banana should choose, but better still prefer grapefruit or orange.Do not forget about the rule of the golden mean.It is better to eat a handful of fruit a few hours before sleep than to languish in choosing low-calorie fruit just before bedtime.