How to relieve tension from the eyes?

By Admin | Health Recipes
25 May 2016

many hours at the computer, reading a text written in small print, driving and other occupations require visual attention.As a result, due to excessive voltage eyes begin slezotochit appears stinging and hard to focus on a particular view of the subject.To relieve stress, you need to stop work and give your eyes a rest, during which time you can perform several steps to restore functionality.

How quickly relieve tension from the eyes?

when to stop working for a long time is not possible, and you only have a few minutes to recover, using the most simple exercises:

  • tightly squeeze the eyelids for a few seconds, and then open your eyes dramatically.Repeat 3 times.
  • quickly blinked.
  • Rub the palm of his hand, warming them and press to closed eyes for 3-5 minutes, then gently massage the skin of their eyelids.
  • Without turning his head, the reason pupils left and right, up and down.
  • Without turning his head, look to the left corner of his eye, and then the pupils follow a zigzag motion, drawing snake,
    slowly shifting his gaze to the right.Do this in the opposite direction.

These exercises will help restore blood flow, and the optic nerve and relieve tension with the eye.Doing the exercises for the eyes, take a few turns and tilts the head, stand, knead muscles of the arms and legs.

Let your eyes change to a more distant objects, for example, look at the window for 10 minutes.That's enough to proyasneli eyes, and you were able to re-work on.Of course, it is better if you take more time to relax, and you can just lie down after the gym with her eyes closed in a horizontal position, without a pillow.Being on the level of the heart, blood flow to the eyes will be more intense, and fatigue will be faster.

eye compress

Tiredness and stress are well removed cool compresses or washing.Tilt your head down, type in the palm of clean water rinse eyes.If you are at home, soak a cotton swab with water, gently squeeze them from the comfort of your couch or in a chair and place the pads on the closed eyes.The head at this time should be a little thrown back.

for baths should be given at least 15 minutes, ideally - 30. Cooled packs need to be removed, soak in a warm liquid and then lay on the eyelids.Instead of water, you can use chamomile broth, or brew of weak tea.Strong welding can simply rub your eyes after spending a cotton swab from the nose to the temples.

Another way to relieve the tension from the eye - do contrasting compresses, changing pads, first soaked in warm water and then cold.Finish the procedure to be lotion with warm tampons.

Solar baths and massages

closed his eyes, turn his face to the sun and soak up a few minutes - let your eyes take a sunbath.During the procedure, open the eyes do not need to do so can only be relegating face from the sun - a sharp blinding light cause discomfort in the pupils.After 5-10 minutes procedures go into the shade, and sit with closed eyes 5.

minutes to massage the eyeball through closed eyelids.Do not force, to touch the skin with your fingertips and do light circular motion around the pupil for 1 minute.Then massage the areas of skin around the eyes.This technique will not only relieve stress, but also strengthen the muscles of the eyelids.Try to massage every day using its execution baby cream or eye cream.

Preventing eyestrain

If your work involves a constant eye strain, tension will occur constantly, so you need to consider what can be done to avoid possible discomfort.

Every 40 minutes of hard work should be accompanied by 10 minutes of rest.If it is impossible to stop work altogether, loans to other business which requires less effort on the part of authorities.If you work at the computer, just stop to look at the monitor.When you want to print the text, try to look at the keyboard, even if you own a "blind" method of typing.Switch the focus from objects located in the vicinity of the eyes, the ones that are in the distance.

If the eyes of many hours are tense and constantly tired, may develop the disease asthenopia.This will require serious treatment with medicines.The best option - is to treat more gentle to your eyes, preventing them from chronic fatigue and forcing them to work without rest.